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The Sales Buzz Issue 30-Sales presentation training -Test your sales pitch and make it great
June 10, 2009

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In this week's issue:

Sales skills to Increase Your Sales
and Your Income

This week we take 3 basic sales areas and look at how you can make the most of every sales opportunity.

There's a free basic sales training course for people new to sales

A sales presentation training test to see just how effective your sales presentation is.

Take the test and see for yourself.

And sales questioning skills that will write your sales presentation for you.

Let the customer sell to themself with these sales questioning techniques.

If any of the above sound good to you...Read on..

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Sales Presentation Training Test

Sales presentation training to test the effectiveness of your sales presentation.

Take the test and see if you’re making a common mistake that stops many other people’s sales. There’s a simple test that I use with my sales teams to check they’re making a sales presentation that will make closing the sale easier.

When you test your sales presentation you can see if you need to make any changes or additions. You will know if you are showing the customer what they need to see, and if you could do it better. Take the test by opening the Sales Presentation Training test.

Are You New to Sales

A free basic sales training course for sales beginners.

If you are new to a sales role, started your own business and have to sell your products or services, or want basic sales training to start from a solid foundation, there’s a free course for you.

Basic sales training that uses clear and easy to follow step by step guides on making a sale. You can open the basic sales training course and put it into action today. You can read it, use it, save it, and pass it on to others, all completely free. No need to submit your email address or register or join the site. Just go to Basic Sales Training and you can open the free sales course from there.

Sales Techniques To Build A Stunning Sales Introduction

Your sale starts with a stunning sales introduction, so it pays to make it a great introduction.

If you don’t get your sales introduction right you don’t get a chance to use your other sales skills. Open Sales Techniques to build a stunning sales introduction and get a great start to your sale.

Questioning Techniques That Write Your Presentation For You

Questioning Techniques are the key to knowing what to sell to your customers.

When you know how to ask the write sales questions your buyer will write your sales presentation for you. Learn how to ask questions using a structure that gives you all the information you need to present the best proposal back to the buyer and close the sale. Open Sales Questions and Techniques to present the best proposal to your buyers.

How Would You Answer These Sales questions

These are questions asked by sales people around the world that want to increase their sales skills.

Take a look at the questions and think about how you would answer the questions and help others like you.

Help making sales appointments

I run a small printing business and have a hard working sales team of 3 really good and knowledgeable people.

They make their own sales appointments, using their own cold calling scripts, and it can get really frustrating.

The businesses they are phoning get call after call from all kind of sales appointment callers.

I know, I get them myslef.

It's really hard to get the business people we phone to listen to what we have to say.

Most calls we don't get past the first minute.

I pride myself on the business we have built up. We give a great service and our prices are competitive.

But what do we have to do to get prospects we phone to listen to us?

If they would just hear us out I'm sure we could get more sales appointments. I'm open to suggestions, in fact I'm asking for help to make sales appointments.

So how would you answer this request?

If you have a good answer, perhaps you have faced the same problems, and you can help by sharing your experience open the comments page for sales questions and simply click in the comments box and type your answer.

Starting a sales career

Hi , I Have Found a job in Qatar as a Laptop sales person.

I have no experience in selling any product. Can anyone guide me on how to start this career and how to increase my knowledge on sales and the product which I am going to sell!

Asked by A.Mark from Sri Lanka

What advice would you offer?

What advice and suggestions would you offer this newcomer to sales. Make a comment by opening the comments page for this question and simply click in the comments box and type your answer.

Short and to the point - Easy to read - Simple to put into action

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

Easy to learn sales skills
Short and to the point
Simple to put into action

To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz is the free newsletter for all sales people in all sales roles. If there is a topic you would like to see covered here use the contact form on the website and I'll get the best information, from working sales professionals, to learn sales skills and pass them on to you on this newsletter.

Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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