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Sales Objections - Present the Solution
November 13, 2021

Sales Objections - Present the Solution

Present your response to sales objections using a proven 3 step process.

A typical sales objection handling process has stages such as:

  • Questioning the objection to define it
  • Gaining agreement that you understand it
  • Presenting your solution
  • Closing the sale

At Stage 3 - Presenting the Solution, I offer you this simple 3 step sales technique...

How to Present a Sales Objection Solution

To present your answer, solution, or change to your proposal to overcome a sales objection, try these 3 steps:

  • Step 1. Recap the prospects needs to get past the objection.
  • Step 2. Present the benefits that meet their needs
  • Step 3. Link a feature to show how you will deliver the benefit

You can add much more to this objection technique to make it even more effective and convert more objections to closed sales.

See the Full 3 Step Technique

See the full 3 step objection solution presentation technique on the Proven Sales Training website.

The sales objection technique is available free of charge. You view the technique, use it, adapt it, and make it work for you.

On the full page I offer suggestions on how you can add to the technique with ideas for reframing negative objections as positive needs, and linking prospect's needs to benefits and features to give you a clear path to gaining agreement to your solution and closing the sale.

See the technique in full and add it to your sales repertoire by visiting: handling-sales-objections.html

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