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Sales Messages to Introduce You, Your Business, and Your Products
March 15, 2022

Sales Messages - How to Create Them

Turn conversations into prospects, leads, referrals and closed sales

There are times when you need a prepared sales introduction message:

Online introductions, informal conversations, networking, meeting an old acquaintance.

A prepared sales message is great for when you don't have any information about the person you are speaking with, so you need a general presentation that answers common questions such as:

What do you do, what business are you in, what do you sell, and more.

Have a prepared response ready

A prepared sales introduction message can turn adhoc conversations into sales by using sales techniques.

You build the brief, less than 100 word, message around a wide ranging key point that presents a potential benefit for the listener while giving information relevant to the situation.

See a full page of sales training on how to build these short, important messages at:Sales Messages

Create a Message for Every Situation

Create as many separate messages as you need.

Do you find you are often asked: What line of business are you in?

Create a brief answer that gets straight to the point and leads into a question to qualify the listener as a prospect.

Would a prepared introduction message be useful for your online chats when connecting?

Create one and have it ready to use when required.

Start creating your Sales Introduction Messages now with a full page of sales training to help you.

On the Proven Sales Training website there is a full page that explains how to create these messages, how long should they be, what should they say.

Learn the importance of grabbing attention, and the difference between a traditional introduction and an informal response to a situation.

See a full page of free sales training by visiting: Sales Messages

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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