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The Sales Buzz Issue 219 - Sales questions find hidden desires
January 28, 2014

Sales Questions Find Hidden Desires

By asking the right sales questions you will discover your buyer’s hidden desires that influence their decisions to buy from you.


Sales questions usually find the benefits that your prospects want from your goods or services.

But if you look deeper, and ask the right questions you can discover hidden desires that will tell you what your prospect really wants.

If you can find these deeper level needs you will close more sales and earn more money because you are giving the prospect what they really want.

Sales Questions to Discover Hidden Desires

Most sales questions only touch the surface of the prospect’s real needs. They don’t touch the buyer’s wants and desires.

Look at this example

Imagine you are an insurance sales person and you ask your prospect the usual sales questions.

The prospect tells you that they want security for their family if anything was to happen to them. They add that they are the main bread winner, they have a partner, and they have children.

That all sounds like good reasons to want insurance and you would then move on to ask more questions about their insurance needs. This would give you enough information to present back a suitable insurance package.

You are then on the same level as all your competitors because they have probably followed the same process and the buying decision now comes down to the features and benefits of the insurance cover.

But what if there was much more that your sales prospect is not telling you. If you can discover their hidden needs and desires you will be able to include features and benefits in your sales presentation that will give you an advantage over your competitors. And that means you will close more sales and sell more than your competitors that don’t ask the right sales questions.

Examples of hidden desires

In the example above, what has motivated the insurance prospect to look at buying insurance cover now.

If you can discover the real answer to just this one question you can use that information to motivate the prospect to buy now. Match their now with your now.

This will prevent some of the common sales objections such as: let me think about it, or call me back next week.

Here’s a list of possible motivators that has made them contact you, and your competitors, now:

Their partner has been on at them for some time to get insurance cover.

Something has happened to a friend or relation that has made insurance cover suddenly important.

Or maybe a change in how they see the world, such as worries about their health, their job, or some other area of life that can be made secure by insurance cover.

If you had this information – How would you use it

Imagine knowing that your prospect was worried about their health and any specific reasons behind their worry. As an insurance sales person you could add specific related benefits to your sales presentation on the package you offer them.

You could present all the benefits of your service that will meet this hidden need.

For example:

How your company makes it easy for its customers in the event of a claim. You could even offer to explain all this to their partner and show what a great choice the prospect had made which must prove how much the prospect thinks of their partner.

This same sales questioning technique works well with B2B sales, Direct sales, retail and showroom, and even technical sales. Prospects have hidden desires that they want your product or service to help them to get.

Make sure you ask the right sales questions and find those key desires that will help you to close more deals by taking a look at Questioning Techniques…

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