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Price Objections - Learn how to overcome them
January 19, 2022

Learn to Overcome Price Objections

Why prospects raise price objections
and How should you respond

When you can overcome price objections confidently, you get more clients and customers, close more sales and grow your business.

Prospects raise price objections for 3 main reasons:

  • Comparing the price to other products or services.
  • Their expectations on what the price will be.
  • They have beliefs about what the price should be.

See a full page of sales training on overcoming price objections at:Handling Price Objections

Find The Cause
Overcome the Price Objection

On the full page of sales training on overcoming price objections I show you:

How to discover the cause

Find the information, belief, or comparison that is causing and supporting the price objection.

Demolish the underlying cause

Dismantle the beliefs and information supporting and causing the objection.

Replace the beliefs

Replace the old beliefs by providing new information and comparisons.

Overcome Price Objections
inside the Prospect's Mind

With this sales training technique you will be overcoming the price objections inside the prospect's mind, on their internal map of reality.

You are taking away the cause and support of the objection and replacing them with new beliefs.

The objections will fall away and you will close more sales and maximise your results.

Learn this sales objection technique by visiting: Overcoming Price Objections

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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