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The Sales Buzz Issue 198 - Overcoming Objections on Sales Appointment Calls
March 26, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

When you try to overcome objections on sales appointment calls should you go at them head on and attempt to beat them or is there a better way.

What is it....Read on...

Overcoming Objections on Sales Appointment Calls

When you try to overcome objections on sales appointment calls do you go at them head on and attempt to beat them.

Or do you go around them and use them as a way to win the prospect’s agreement to meet with you.

Here’s an example:

The prospect raises the objection: I don’t think your products will be of any interest to me.

If you try and answer this objection head on you might give the prospect many reasons why your products will be of interest.

But if the prospect believes your products will not be of interest they will just come back with answers that re-enforce that belief.

You then give another answer to counter this and they come back with a further objection…

The fight goes on and neither side gains any ground.

Try a Different Approach

If instead of meeting this objection head on you go around it and focus on the end goal, the appointment, you can use the prospects objection as leverage to achieve your goal.

You want to say to the buyer, in your own words:

You don’t yet have enough information to make a decision on the products I can offer you.

If you meet with me I’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether the products will be right for you.

Once you focus on your objective you will start to think in a different way and come up with your own words to get the desired results.

You can decide if you want to acknowledge their objection with something like, I can understand why you might think that.

Then follow this with:

Once you've seen a more detailed presentation of what we can do for you, you’ll be in a position to make a decision on whether you would like to do business with us.

Or: If we both put aside 30 minutes next Monday we can both decide if there is common ground and if we think it’s worthwhile moving forward.

You’re not trying to overcome the objection, you’re saying: You don’t have to make a decision now, wait until I've come into see you and shown you the products. Then you will be in the best position to make a decision.

The above training on overcoming objections on sales appointment calls is taken from the course: Making Sales appointment by Telephone. If you like the ideas you've seen so far take a look at at what else the course can offer…

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