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The Sales Buzz Issue 73 - Motivating buyers to move with you through the sales stages
May 04, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

Motivating Buyers to Move Towards
Closing The Sale

In last week’s edition of the Sales Buzz we looked at how to grab the buyer’s attention during the sales introduction.

If you missed last week’s free sales training newsletter you can see it at The Sales Buzz – Grabbing the prospect’s attention

In this week’s Sales Buzz we discuss how you motivate your prospects to move with you from the sales introduction stage to the next stage which is usually the sales questions to establish their needs.

Getting your prospects to take that first step from one sales stage to another means they are moving towards closing the sale.

If you try and jump from your sales introduction to asking questions without using a motivator you can lose them and any chance of winning the sale.

See how to get your prospects moving towards closing the sale by scrolling down the page to Motivating Buyers to Move Towards Closing The Sale...

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Motivating Buyers to Move Towards
Closing The Sale

There’s a connection between successful sales people and their prospects during the sale.

A sudden movement and the connections gone.

Pull the buyer forward too quickly, into the next stage of your sale, and they resist.

Push them with force and they push back.

The buyer mustn’t feel sold to or lead or pushed.

They must think they are moving with you of their own free will.

Get the early stages of your sale wrong and you lose the connection and the customer starts throwing smoke screen objections.

The most successful way of moving buyers in the direction of closing the sale is by motivating them. Giving them a reason to go with you along the path of the sales stages and towards the close.

The early stages of a sale

You have completed your sales introduction. Who you are, why you are there, a reason why the sales prospect should listen to you.

You can see more on building a stunning sales introduction at: Sales techniques for building great introductions.

After your brief but important sales introduction you want to move on to asking the buyer questions to establish their needs. This is where you discover the information you need to put together your sales proposal.

Don’t think that because you sell small or low value items that you don’t need sales stages. All successful sales people use them. You just adapt the process for your type of sale. So a retail sales person uses a different sales process than a direct sales or field sales B2B seller.

Put yourself in the buyer’s position

To get your buyer to start answering your sales questions you need a motivator. You need to give your prospect a reason to move to the next stage and give you the information you want.

Ask yourself the question: If I was the buyer, what’s in it for me?

Why should I give this sales person my time and the information they want?

If you were the buyer what would you need as an incentive or motivator to move to the next sales stage and answer the sales questions?

Motivating buyers to move forward

At the end of your brief sales introduction you need to add a reason for the buyer to move to the next stage with you.

Motivating buyers is done with real and potential benefits. For example:

If I can ask you a few questions about what you would like in your kitchen, I can give you an accurate cost and you can then compare it to the prices you have been quoted, and you will then know if you are getting the best deal.

At the moment your insurance policy may not be giving you the cover you need. Can you tell me what are the important items that you would like to be covered and I can make sure you have the right policy.

As I said earlier, we specialize in providing cost effective solutions to your industry. I can ask you a few questions about your business, then I can show you what we can offer you, and then you will be in a decision to decide whether to take it further with us.

These are generic examples. The more specific you make the motivators to your customer the more effective they work.

Using a benefit to motivate buyers to move with you from the sales introduction to the sales questions gives them a logical reason to move with you.

Link your motivator to the reason you are there

In your sales introduction you use a line that tells the sales prospect why you are there. This is the reason you are meeting with them, the reason they should listen to you.

If you see a positive response from the prospect to your reason for being there, during your sales introduction, then use the same reason as your motivator to move to the questioning stage.

For example:

In a sales introduction a sales woman used:

We have a brand new range of items that other retailers have found to be really profitable and my visit today is to make sure you are not missing out on this opportunity.

She saw a positive response to this reason for her call and decided to use the same reason as a motivator to get to the questioning stage. Her way of motivating the buyer was:

So that I can show you the best new items for your business, and make sure you don’t miss out on the most profitable ones for you, let me ask you...

By linking the reason you have given for meeting the buyer to the reason they should move to the sales questioning stage you are using consistency to motivate the buyer.

You can also use this same consistency to close a sale by linking your reason for being there, your motivators to move forward, and your close later in the sales process.

To see how you can learn how to add motivators to each sales stage and close the sale as a natural next step open Selling Success sales training course workbook.

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