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The Sales Buzz Issue 123 -make Money Adding Products at No Cost
May 23, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Make money adding products to your sales range. Consider the ideas in this week's newsletter which are meant to stimulate thought and give you inspiration to take some action.

Whether you are a business looking to increase profit with no additional cost, or an individual that wants another income stream with no start up outlay, this will get you thinking.

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Make Money with No Additional Cost or Outlay

Over two decades ago a gas fire manufacturer started adding other products to its range of real flame gas fires. Since it began, the full focus of the sales and marketing operation was to make money selling good quality gas fires.

Then a bright idea was ignited and things heated up. They added fire grates, wooden surrounds, fire tools, and accessories. All these additional products were supplied by another company, the gas fire sales team just had to sell them. They had a readymade customer base of retailers and showrooms to sell to, so no additional marketing costs.

No production cost, no stock to keep, and no extra cost for sales people. Just additional profit for every sale. Even the delivery was taken care of by the manufacturer.

This was over twenty years ago and was in a field sales B2B setting. The same process still works really well but many organisations, small businesses, and individuals looking for an income stream in their spare time ignore this very profitable, low cost money making idea.

Now the Internet has made affiliate marketing big business.

Come forward twenty years and affiliate marketing is big business online. Anyone can set themselves up with a website and select great products from suppliers and service operators and make money from it.

Look at all the car insurance comparison sites. Hotel booking agents that have no connection with the hotel. Millions of sites selling products and services that are made or provided by someone else.

This really good money making process, now called affiliate marketing, works online, in direct sales, and in field sales.

Hereís an overview of how simple affiliate marketing can be:

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You set up an agreement with a product or service supplier on how you will be rewarded for selling their products, passing on leads, or giving them prospects or confirmed buyers.

You then add their products or services to the range of sales offers that you already have.

You pass on the confirmed sale, or prospect details, to the supplier.

They confirm the sale, or other commission earning action, and you receive your commission.

How simple is that?

When you look at the very simple model set out above it makes absolute sense for many businesses, and individuals, to add this money making model to their sales activity. And yet, because this model has recently been called affiliate marketing and is very popular on the Internet, many people ignore it.

If you are thinking of starting up a small business for yourself what could be easier. No products to buy, no stock to keep, and apart from some time spent researching and setting it up thereís no start up fee. If you want to invest some money into the business you can spend it on promoting the products or services that you sell and get a return on that investment.

Hereís a Working Example from my website

Many visitors to my website, and readers of this newsletter, are involved in training and development. Some are in sales and management related training. They have a website and they sell the best selling sales course form my website on their site. The course is called Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.

The simple steps that they follow to sell the course and make money are:

Select the prepared promotional sales copy to accompany the course from the Affiliate Sales Copy pages. Paste the copy on to their website page, blog, or email outs and newsletters.

Copy and paste the image related to the course from the same page.

Add the sales code for a direct link which they got from the Admin page when they joined the affiliate Program.

Promote the page, publish the blog, or send the newsletters.

Then sit back and watch the commission come in.

To see more information on the affiliate program, how it works, how to earn your commission, and to get all the help you require to sell the courses, open Sales-Training-Sales-Tips affiliate Program main page.

Selling other peopleís products and services has its advantages

This page was intended to give you a spark of an idea based on a successful process.

Now consider what you could do with the thoughts you have seen here to grow your business, or use your sales skills to increase your personal income.

When you sell other peopleís products you have a business income stream with a very low start up cost. No stock to keep, someone else has developed the product, and it may already be a proven success.

If you are thinking now of setting up a website to start an affiliate income stream you will find some good information at Start a small Business Online

You may have a list of existing customers that could be interested in this new product. Readymade prospects that you already have a relationship with.

How many products or services have a connection to the ones you already sell, or could be used by your customers and prospects.

What about your business contacts and suppliers. If you are buying products and services could you recommend them to others and make money from it.

What about you and your sales skills. Could you start a small affiliate business yourself to add to your current income. It can be selling online, party plan, building a mailing list and promoting by newsletter, or good old face to face selling. All these sales ideas will make use of your sales experience. If you can present a sales pitch you can sell, in any situation.

Many people now make use of the Internet and its low start up costs. There are millions of people and companies online that already have successful affiliate programs. Iím one of them. You can also approach businesses that donít have affiliate programs and offer to sell their products for a percentage of the sales revenue. Are they going to turn down extra sales?

Remember: Affiliate marketing is simply selling or promoting someone elseís products and taking a share of the returns.

For more information on Affiliate Programs and how they work take a look at the Affiliate Program Guide.

To start at the main page of the affiliate section open Affiliate Program Main page.

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