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Learn to Sell - A quick sales pitch for none-sellers
June 16, 2022

Learn to Sell

SME Owners - Self Employed - Freelancers
Create a Quick and Effective Sales Pitch

Learn to sell and gain more clients for your self-employed or freelancer business.

Even if you’ve not had any formal sales training, or you don’t see yourself as a sales person:

You can put a basic consultative selling process into action today and enjoy selling.

Builders, interior designers, gardeners, therapist, beauticians and many more professionals need to learn how to sell if they are to build a business or make a living from their skills.

B2B service providers: SEO services, website creation, accountants, marketers, logistics, cleaners, anyone selling a product or service to businesses and commercial premises must be able to sell to be successful.

Learn How to Sell With
a Consultative Sales Process

A basic sales process that you can use to structure your sales conversations includes several stages to move your prospect from being a potential buyer to a paying customer or client.

You may cover all the stages in one brief conversation or over a number of calls or visits.

This can often depend upon the formation you need to collect to create your sales presentation.

The sales process and the stages you use when you learn to sell remain the same.

Learn to Sell with Free Sales Training

Follow the link below and learn to sell using the free sales training on the page at

We start with the effective sales process that SME owners, freelancers, and self-employed service providers can learn to use to enjoy clear and friendly sales conversations with prospective clients.

Follow the training and you will have:

A great introduction to calls and physical meetings.

A way to get all the information you need from the prospect.

Know how to use that information to create a clear presentation of what you can offer.

And a way to close sales that with just a simple question.

Follow: Learn to sell

No hard sell, no linguistic trickery, and no complaints, cancellations, or remorse from the customer.

Learn to Sell Now and Boost Your Business

Learn to sell now, follow the link below, all the information can be accessed from just one page.

Know what to say when talking to prospects about your services or arranging meetings with them.

No more rambling, unstructured conversations that go off at tangents. Just a simple way to clearly say what you do, why your talking with them, and what they can gain from your business.

Make a big difference to your business by visiting Learn to sell

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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