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The Sales Buzz Issue 137 - Latest Updates from the website
August 31, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Here’s your chance to catch up and see which of the latest updates to the website will be most useful for you.

There are new sales training pages with techniques that you can use to increase sales.

Older pages that have had an update and have bright new viewpoints that will add to the skills you have now.

And, there’s the Affiliate Program:

Our Affiliate Program gives you the chance to earn money online by selling the eBook courses and all the hard work is already done for you.

Read on to use the latest updates...

Latest Updates from the website

Over the last few weeks we’ve added a lot more to the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips website so to allow you to catch up we thought we would give you an update. So here are the latest updates with links to the related pages on the site.

Scan down the headings and descriptions, see which ones are now of interest to you, and click through for more information.

Direct Sales appointment call training

Direct sales techniques are completely different to B2B skills. When you make sales appointment calls to prospects in their own home you have to be really good at introducing yourself, grabbing their attention, and asking a first question that is at the right place on the Sales-Strength Scale.

Don’t know what the Sales-Strength Scale is? You should read on.

You can use our 3 new pages on making sales appointments with Direct Sales prospects...

How to cold call for Direct Sales Appointments

On this page you can get free sales training on creating a great Introduction stage for your appointment cold calls. Know what to include, what to leave out, how to make it the right length. And learn what professionals consider to be the most important line of your entire call. Open How to cold call for Direct Sales Appointments...

Telephone sales training on the Reason for Calling

When you tell your Direct Sales prospect your reason for calling them you are giving them a reason to listen to the rest of your appointment call, or to put the phone down. So you had better have a really effective reason for calling them. See some examples to give you ideas at Telephone sales training on the Reason for Calling...

Direct Sales techniques on asking the First Question

The First Question, after the Introduction and the Reason for Calling, is one that should have the right measure of control and motivation to get the customer responding. There is a scale of Sales-Strength that you can use to assess which question you should use. See how to decide on your First Question at Direct Sales techniques on asking the First Question...

The friendliest Affiliate Program on the web

A while ago we launched the Affiliate Program. The objective is for anyone with a website, blog, or email magazine or newsletter, to make money by selling the eBook training courses available on our website.

We sat it is the friendliest Affiliate Program on the web because we do all the hard work for you. We prepare promotional text and sales copy. Answer any questions, give you full instructions, and send you a newsletter with information to help you to make money online. Interested? See the affiliate section at Affiliate Program main page...

Online Affiliate Program Newsletter

You can see the latest issue of the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips Affiliate Newsletter, and all the back issues, with lots of information to get you started making money.

Sales copy, a start up guide, promotional text, and lots of ideas to save you time and get the program working for you. See the Newsletter back issue page at Online Affiliate Program Newsletter...

Free eBook Accelerated Sales Training

When we offered this free eBook to our newsletter readers some time ago it was downloaded by over 1000 people on the first day.

free sales training eBook

We’ve had many more people sign up for the Sales Buzz since then so we thought we would end this newsletter with a link to what we think is the quickest way to create or improve a sales pitch.

Use the free eBook to improve your existing sales pitch you can compare what you include now to the key elements in the training.

Then you can use the sales training information links provided in the course to add more advanced techniques to your sales process.

If you missed this free eBook training course last time make sure you get it now while it is still available. To download the course open Accelerated Sales Training...

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