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The Sales Buzz Issue 135 - Involvement Sales Technique to Increase Results
August 15, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Do you often feel that you are doing all the talking and your prospect isn't really listening.

Would you like to find ways to keep their attention and make them part of your presentations and phone calls.

Increase your sales results by getting your prospects involved and making your sales pitch, telesales call, and appointment setting cold calls interactive.

The Interactive Sales Technique is in this week’s Sales Buzz...

Involvement Sales Technique to Increase Results

To see your results increase at all stages of the sales process you should use an involvement sales technique.

Getting your prospects involved in your appointment setting call and your sales pitch will take hold of their attention.

It will make them feel part of the process, and help you to gain more agreement from them.

With some products it’s easy to give an interactive demonstration.

With others you have to think and be creative.

With small items you can let them use it, play with it, wear it, touch it, or do whatever it is the product is designed to do.

With larger items you can seek out ways to involve prospects as you move through the selling process.

If the product is too large you can find a way to take the prospects to the product. Site or factory visits, where the potential buyer can actually see the item you are presenting in full operation, are great ways to sell. You control the scene, you have their attention, and you can structure a day that works with your sales pitch.

You may not have a company location near to your prospect, but have you any satisfied customers that will let you visit their operation. I’ve used this sales technique many times and with great success. If your customer gives a positive recommendation to your prospect it has terrific power of influence.

Be creative and find a way to involve your prospects

Don’t dismiss this idea just because an involvement sales technique isn’t obvious at first.

I’ve seen many sales people dismiss this sales technique because they think they can’t get prospects involved in what they sell. This is because they sell a service, their product is too large, too simple, too difficult, or they sell using telesales.

Successful sales professionals will find a way to incorporate good techniques into their sales pitches. This tenacity and willingness to take action is part of what makes them successful, and gain the financial rewards.

Anyone can see the obvious and use what comes easy, but when you invest in yourself and find more effective ways to increase your sales you stand out from the ordinary everyday sales people that have never read a book on sales or tried to improve their skills.

So for those willing to adapt, develop, and improve, here are some ideas to get you started with the Involvement Sales Technique:

Give the prospect something to hold

If you sell something that isn’t tangible such as a service, travel, insurance, financial products, find something to give the prospect. Many prospects will want to touch something, it’s why they want a brochure even though you are there and can tell them all the information better than any brochure.

If measurements, numbers, or financials are involved, how about something that helps them to calculate their requirements. A type of slide rule or model.

Photographs or diagrams that support your sales pitch. But keep control of when you give them to the prospect so they don’t start getting ahead of your sales pitch.

Telesales and appointment setting calls

Unless you have sent the prospect something through the post, and they happen to have it to hand as you call them, you have to us the involvement sales technique slightly differently.

If your prospect is sat in front of a computer or mobile device you could have diagrams, recommendations, pictures or videos ready to send them as you speak.

Another way to involve them is to get them to log on to your web pages and talk them through the sales pitch.

Even if you can’t give them a real image you can still guide them to build pictures that feel just as real as if they were in another place or holding a product.

By using the right sales language you can create images and sounds in their imagination.

Let me ask you, what does your ideal prospect look like?

Where would they be when you telephone them for an appointment, in their office or their home?

What will there be, where they are, that makes them an ideal prospect for you to telephone...

So did you make pictures, were you involved as you read that last paragraph.

3 Stages to an involvement sales technique

1. A full interactive demonstration

2. A tangible item that involves the prospect

3. An image that can be hard copy, electronic, or one created internally by the prospect.

The involvement sale technique could work for you. You may have to invest some time to adapt it for your sales pitch or appointment call. If you like the idea now you might want to consider updating your sales pitch or even re-creating it to make it to see if you can increase your results.

To help you to do that take a look at this page on my website: Sales Training to create a great sales pitch

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