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The Sales Buzz Issue 47-How to increase sales and grow your business
October 13, 2009

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How to Increase Sales and Make More Money

Learn which actions will give you the best return and make you more money. Grow your business by focusing on the sales stages where you have the most influence on the outcome and are guaranteed to get results. Most people focus their actions on the wrong part of the sales process, to see why move down the page to How to Increase Sales and Make More Money...

The best sales prospecting technique to use

There is one sales prospecting technique that will generate warm leads, is easy to use, and requires very little time. It is also one of the most underused prospecting techniques despite all the benefits you can gain. See more on this professional prospecting technique by moving down the page and see the most undersued sales prospecting technique...

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How to Increase Sales and
Make More Money

How to increase sales by focusing on the actions that will give you guaranteed results.

We all want to close the sale and earn the commission. If you work for yourself you want to grow your business by increasing your sales. But what actions should you take to make more money from your selling time?

Think about the selling stages that you go through from the start of the sales process to closing the deal.

You might start with cold calling and sales prospecting. Then move to appointment setting.

That could be followed by a first meeting with the prospect and then you can start selling.

Finally you get to close the sale.

So which part of the sales process will give you the most return on your investment of time and actions?

Most people focus on closing the sale to increase their sales, but is that the best way?

There are actions you can take that are in the areas of the sales process where you have the most influence on the outcome. This is where you will get the most return and how to increase sales, grow your business, and make more money.

To look at sales actions from a totally new viewpoint and make a massive difference to your results and your earnings, see more on How to Increase Sales and Make More Money.

The best sales prospecting technique to use

Prospecting is where the sales process starts and is the first action on the way to you earning commission or growing your business.

Sales prospecting is the first action that leads to you closing the deal. I know, you would much rather be closing the sale and dealing with objections. That’s the glamorous end of the sales process, the one where you get the Sales Buzz and feel great when you have made the sale.

But to get there you have to have prospects to work on and make sales appointments with, before you can start selling to them. This is the hard work end of the sales process and much of it goes unnoticed by your line manager or colleagues.

If you work for yourself it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do it because sales prospecting feels so far away from closing the sale. But without bringing in a list of prospects you will have no one to sell to.

One of the best ways to build your sales prospect list is also one the most underused sales prospecting techniques. It’s easy to do, it takes very little time, and has a wonderful conversion rate to a sale.

See the sales prospecting technique that will generate warm leads and requires only 3 simple actions to put into action by opening Selling techniques on sales prospecting.

Short and to the point - Easy to read - Simple to put into action

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz is the free newsletter for all sales people in all sales roles. If there is a topic you would like to see covered here use the contact form on the website and I'll get the best information, from working sales professionals, to learn sales skills and pass them on to you on this newsletter.

Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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