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The Sales Buzz Issue 277 - Do You Hate Making Cold Calls?
July 09, 2015

Do You Hate Making Cold Calls?

Hate making cold calls - Learn to love them.

Would you like to see a sales training technique that completely changes how you feel about picking up that phone or putting on that headset?

Whether you work in a call centre, or make first contact with prospects as part of your sales role, you can change how you view cold calling.

I’ve seen people fake illness to get out of making calls.

Worse, I’ve seen telesales people have a complete breakdown at the start of a shift.

They just couldn’t push the button that connected them to the automated dialler.

Many field sales people have the same viewpoint.

They would rather knock on doors all day in bad weather than pick up the phone.

But imagine what it would be like if you actually enjoyed making cold calls?

Not Liking Cold Calling is Understandable

You may hate cold calling now, or you might just not like doing it, you’re not on your own.

Some sales people don’t like using the phone for first contact because they can’t see the prospect. They can’t pick up on non-verbal communications, and they can’t use their own body language to support their message.

Telesales and appointment setters in call centres can lose all motivation as a result of the rejection and objections that they constantly face.

Add to all this the pressure of achieving targets and it’s no wonder many people hate cold calling.

Hate Cold Calling – Learn to Love it

I’ve worked as a sales trainer and manager in both field sales and call centres for over 20 years.

I’ve developed a technique that will completely change your viewpoint and re-frame how you feel about making cold calls.

You can start using this technique on the very next call you make and you’ll see the changes start to work. See the technique in full on my website at Learn to Love Cold Calling...

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