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Using Sales Questioning Funnels
October 08, 2021

Handling Objections With a Proven Process

Handling objections closes more sales and when you know how to do it you can relax and stop fearing obstacles and concerns raised by buyers.

Have you thought about reframing negative sales objections to transform what the prospect doesn't want into something they do?

REFRAMING IS AN NLP TECHNIQUE - You can use it in sales to change how a prospect views a sales objection on their map of reality in their mind.

You take the negative objection, usually something about your sales proposal the buyer doesn't want, wants to change, or dislikes, and reframe it as a requirement, want, or desire they have.

This makes overcoming sales objections much easier as you are not trying to take away a negative, you are showing how you can provide a positive benefit

The Sales Objection Handling Process

The Reframing Technique is a step in the Objection Handling Process

You use it in Stage 2 where you summarise your understanding of the sales objection and follow up with agreement gaining to confirm your summary.

Check out the technique by visiting:Sales Objection Responses

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