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The Sales Buzz Issue 31-Free sales training on cold calling to make sales appointments
June 14, 2009

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In this week's issue:

Free sales training on cold calling to make sales appointments

Free sales training on appointment setting cold calling, that focuses on how to gain the prospects agreement to sales appointments.

A lot of appointment setting training focuses on the important first few lines of the introduction stage of the cold calling script.

That's an important partof all cold calling scripts.

The sales appointment training here focuses on how you actualy ask for the sales appointment.

What do you say, what questions do you use?

How can you gain the buyer's agreement to meet with you?

Read on and put new ideas in to action today to increase your selling opportunities.

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Free sales training on cold calling to make sales appointments

Free sales training that focuses on how you ask for the sales appointments on appointment setting cold calls.

There’s a lot of sales training on how to cold call and make sales appointments that concentrates on those first few important lines that have to grab the buyer’s attention.

It focuses on cold calling tips on getting past gatekeepers and asking for the buyer.

That’s great, and very important to the success of your appointment setting calls, but what about asking for the sales appointment?

When it comes to gaining the buyer’s agreement to the appointment, many people stumble around unsure of what to say.

They ask the wrong questions, or even worse they don’t ask any agreement gaining questions at all.

Just at the time when they need to sound confident and gain the buyer’s agreement, they hesitate and don’t know what to say.

So here’s some free sales training on how to cold call for sales appointments that focuses on how to ask for the prospect’s agreement to a sales appointment.

When making appointment setting calls approach the call with this viewpoint

Throughout the appointment setting call you want to give the prospect the idea that you, and what you are selling, may be of benefit to them. While you are introducing yourself, and asking them some questions to qualify that they can buy from you, make them aware of the possible benefits you can offer them.

When it comes to the agreement gaining question to gain commitment to the sales appointment, you then make the sales appointment the next logical step in the process. This is where they can learn more about how your product or service will benefit them. Then they will have enough information to decide whether to buy from you.

So a great cold calling tip is to base your agreement seeking question on the fact that:

From what they have said, your product may be of benefit to them, and so they can see more information and discuss more details you should meet with them.

Then they will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether to buy your product now, or in the future.

Here’s a working example of how to ask for the sales appointment on a cold call.

‘From what you have said I can see that you may be able to increase your sales by giving the right sales training on how to cold call to your sales teams.

So you can get the full information you need before making any decisions we could meet and I’ll show you the best package for your business, and you can ask any questions you have on the sales training.

Then you will have everything you need should you decide to use our services now or in the future. Are you available next Thursday?’

The reasons for meeting are given as a logical next step in the process. You are not asking for a buying decision. In fact you are telling the buyer they can’t buy yet, they don’t have enough information. This stops them feeling under pressure to buy or to make a decision. This pressure is the main reason you get objections such as, ‘send me information.’

You are also adding that they can use this information now or in the future. This again inoculates against objections about not buying now.

The question asking for the sales appointment is actually asking if they are available on a certain day. If they say no to the question they are not saying no to the sales appointment, they are saying no to being available on that day. So your answer to this sales objection is, ‘When are you available?’

To learn more about making sales appointments you can get a free sales training course.

It focuses on how to ask for the sales appointment.

It’s a short and straight to the point course that looks at the key elements of making appointment setting cold calls and asking the important agreement gaining question.

You can open it, read it, save it and even pass it on to other people.

I don’t ask for any of your details or to register with the site.

Just click the link and open the free sales training course on appointment setting

To open the course click Free Sales Training on Appointment Setting

For more information on the free sales training on how to make sales appointment cold calls open the Sales Training Information page.

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