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The Sales Buzz Issue 118 - Free Sales Appointment Calls Training Course
April 12, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

A Free Sales Appointment Call Training Course.
Create an effective sales appointment call script in just minutes.

And, in case you missed last week's Sales Buzz, there's another chance to get the free eBook Write to Sell More.

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Free Sales Appointment Training Course

Do you want to refresh your sales appointment calls, give them a boost, and try some new ideas.

Or maybe you want a quick and easy process to learn how to make appointment cold calls.

In this weekís Sales Buzz we are giving you a free sales training course on how to make appointments.

This 8 page course gives you a quick to learn 3 step process to make great calls that will get you in front of potential customers.

Follow the 3 steps and complete the exercises and you will have your own script ready to use in just a few minutes.

This basic sales training works because it gets down to the essential elements that must be included in an effective call.

  • You can use it to create your own script.
  • As a starting point to which you can add more training and ideas to make it more effective and profitable.
  • Or, as a quick refresher course to give your appointment calls more Buzz and motivation.

To open your free course just click the image or open Free Sales Appointments Training.

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Not All Sales People Like Making Appointment Calls

I know many sales people that hated making sales appointment calls until they got professional training.

Some time ago I was asked to do a project with a field sales team in a service industry to try and increase the number of prospects they met with each month.

The majority of the team were great at selling face to face with a prospect. They were confident because of their good product knowledge, and they were successful at closing sales.

When it came to making sales appointment calls, to arrange meetings with prospects, all that confidence drained away. Some didnít like it, some hated it, and others did their best to avoid it.

Cold calling prospects requires a different set of sales skills and if the project was going to be successful I needed a quick and easy way for the team to learn the basics of appointment calling. I also needed a way of instilling confidence into them while they were making the calls.

Thatís when I developed the Free Sales Appointments Training.

The Basics of Making Effective Sales Appointment Calls

To help the field sales team become effective and confident on the phone I developed a sales appointment course with a focus on 3 essential elements.

  • The Introduction
  • The Qualifying Questions
  • Gaining Agreement to an Appointment

Using the exercises that you will see when you open the free training course, the field sales team quickly built an appointment call script for both cold calls and follow ups for warm leads.

They created an introduction that they could use with confidence because they saw how it included potential benefits and really good reasons why they were calling.

When they thought about why they needed to ask qualifying questions it soon became apparent that this was something they had not understood before. They used them face to face when selling, but the questioning stage is different on the phone.

As field sales professionals they saw gaining agreement to an appointment as the equivalent of closing a sale. It isnít, and there are sales techniques that work much better than traditional sales closes to get the prospect to agree to meet with you.

You can see these appointment agreement techniques, and how to use the other stages of a call, by opening the Free Sales Appointments Training.

The free sales appointment training course is only available from the website

Did you get last week's free eBook...

A Fantastic Response to the
Free eBook
Netwriting Masters Course

In Laste week's Sales Buzz we offered visitors the free eBook Netwriting Masters Course, and the response and demand has been fantastic.

If you missed out on this great free offer you can get your copy now by clicking the image or opening Write to Sell More...

Called the Netwriting Masters Course it was designed for anyone who writes as part of selling products or services.

It will show you why old, sell, sell, sell, in your face marketing is now out of date and ineffective, and what you should now be using instead.

You will see sales techniques and strategies, to increase your results, which have been developed for the Internet and are adaptable for offline selling.

This free course brings the concept of a sales funnel right up to date.

The Netwriting Masters Course will give you a whole new viewpoint on using the written word to sell or to support your sales strategy.

Many sales people have also used it make their sales pitches more customer friendly, and some small business owners have incorporated it into their sales strategy.

It is the only book about Netwriting that covers both PREselling and Selling. Every other book on Netwriting focuses only on writing to sell and this itself is a reflection of that starting-at-the-end philosophy.

The Netwriting Masters Course is free to you today.

Click the image above or open your free copy of the Netwriting Masters Course.

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