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Feel Felt Found Sales Objection Technique
January 16, 2022

Feel Felt Found
Sales Objection Technique

Overcomes Objections
Based on Feelings and Emotions

Feel Felt Found is a great way to overcome sales objections that are based on feelings and emotions.

When an objection starts with: I feel... This is the technique to use.

When a prospect is using their emotions and feelings to assess your product, proposal, or sales offer, Feel Felt Found is the best technique because it responds using the same emotional and feelings related language.

Try out this underused sales objection technique by visiting: Feel Felt Found

A Simple 3 Step Process
That Close More Sales

A simple 3 step sales technique for overcoming objections by reframing a prospect's viewpoint.

Step 1 Empathise with the prospect, tell them you understand why they Feel as they do about your offer.

Step 2 Explain that other people have Felt the same way at this point, people just like them.

Step 3 And when those people became customers, they Found... Add your best response.

Try the Feel Felt Found Technique

Learn this valuable sales skill and have it ready for when objections based on feelings arise.

See a full page of sales training and learn how to use this great technique to deal with the objections by visiting: Feel Felt Found

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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