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The Sales Buzz Issue 331 - Fantastic Sales Pitch – See This Great Example
October 03, 2016

Fantastic Sales Pitch – See This Great Example

A fantastic sales pitch from a sofa salesman that was a joy to watch, even though it cost me money.

He followed a process, 4 stages from his opening Introduction to Closing the Sale.

He used his own words and because he was using a process he knew what to say at each stage.

This is a great example of how to sell, he will be able to repeat his results time after time, by doing the same process but using the appropriate words for each customer.

A Great Introduction Line

'Do you know what you're looking for,' was the salesman's opening line to us.

Think about that simple line for a moment. We answered, 'Yes,' and he takes us straight to the type of sofa we are interested in. If we had answered, 'No,' that's an opening for him to ask questions.

First sofa he takes us to, the best and most expensive, 'Try it out,' then you'll be able to compare it to others. So we did.

An action and a reason to take it, good technique.

Questioning Stage

Question on what we thought, what we wanted, how we liked it, and which features were important, came in a conversation style starting with open questions and moving down the questioning funnel to closed and alternative questions.

All the time we were getting really comfortable sinking into the sofa as he built rapport by matching our relaxing body language.

And while doing this he picked up on every sales clue within our answers, including my wife's back problems, need for manual reclining, and how comfortable we were getting.

The Presentation Stage

He knew his products, and he knew the competition's as well.

He had taken our answers in the Questioning Stage and presented benefits and related features on only what we wanted.

He had a real skill in building value, remember we were looking at the most expensive one.

He was able to compare it to cheaper products without criticising, just explaining what we would get for our money, and why it was worth it.

He created a desire, building pictures of what it would be like if this was in our home. And lots of agreement gaining and nodding throughout.

'Do you want to see some of the others?' He soon picked up on how slow we answered and my wife's reluctance to move.

We didn't need to see any others in the store, nor did we need to go to other stores as we had planned. But he insisted just so we could feel, see, and hear, how superior the one we had chosen was.

Agreement Gaining - Part of the Presentation Stage

I don't remember saying we had chosen the expensive one.

Nice agreement gaining, unless I object and point out we hadn't yet chosen one we are a step closer to buying.

He presented its features positively, but highlighted how the expensive one would give us more.

He asked how the lower price one compared to the one we liked, as he pointed back to the expensive sofa. This was agreement gaining and trial closing at its best.

This is a nice technique, using a product of lower value to gain agreement and create a desire for the higher value product that we had shown an interest in.

Now for the Close

Back to the expensive one, the one we had 'chosen.' The one we 'liked.'

'So let's talk price', and we did, and I went for a discount which is a definite buying signal.

The discount was given, along with a comment that he could do that today. A subtle way of getting us to buy now.

As he was on our side he could also throw in a free cover package for damage and staining, and a free cleaning kit. Perhaps I should have asked for a bigger discount.

Then silence, first one to speak loses is how I was taught this close years ago. My wife looked at me. I was going to speak, I was interested in how long the salesman would remain silent.

But my wife made a noise, as she nodded at me and that was it. The gentle close was done, and we walked to the counter to make the payment and arrange delivery.

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