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The Sales Buzz Issue 124 -Effective Sales Questioning Technique That Everyone Should Use
May 31, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

An effective sales questioning technique that every sales professional should use.

You will have seen it before, you may have used it at some time, but it is well worth a reminder.

An Effective Sales Questioning Technique That Everyone Should Use

You probably already have a structured approach to asking sales questions to discover the benefits that your prospect wants.

Most sales people start with open questions that get the prospect talking about whatís important to them. Then they follow this with alternative and closed questions to get specific details and gain agreement. This is a basic structure used for the questioning stage of the sale.

Thatís just the basics, and there are so many more great techniques that can be added to give you even more success. One of these techniques that should be used by every salesperson is: The Dissatisfaction Questions.

How to Ask Dissatisfaction Questions

There are many ways to ask your prospects what they are not satisfied with in relation to the current product or service that you are trying to replace. Letís focus on just two sets of dissatisfaction questions.

Focus on the negatives

What are they unhappy with.

What doesnít work right.

How does the service or product let them down.

How often does it break or not work.

These questions, and the many others that you can use, are all searching for negatives. They are focusing the buyer on what is wrong with what they have now. From their answers you will know how your sales proposal can improve on the current situation.

Ask what could be improved

How could it work better.

What would they like to see added to it.

Have they used others that were better.

What else would they like it to do.

These questions are trying to discover benefits that the buyer is not currently receiving from what they have, or use, now. Asking these sales questions will give you a list of benefits that the customer wants and is not currently getting.

The additional benefit to you of asking Dissatisfaction Questions is that it gets the prospect thinking about all the negatives of the product or service that you are trying to replace. And it is the prospect that is highlighting these negatives, not you.

We all know you should never be overly negative about the competition or the customerís previous buying decisions. When you use Dissatisfaction Questions it is the prospect that is stating the negatives about the current product and this is far more convincing than if you were raising these issues.

More Free Sales Questioning Techniques

The sales questioning stage of a sale is where you find out the information to put into your sales presentation. By adding Dissatisfaction Questions, and other questioning techniques, you will discover more information and build a better presentation.

I know some sales professionals that have such a great questions stage in their selling process that the prospect almost writes the presentation for them.

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