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The Sales Buzz Issue 83 - Old direct sales closing technique that works in today's market
July 28, 2010

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In this week’s Sales Buzz!

Old direct sales closing trick that can be adapted for today's marketplace.

A sales closing trick from Direct Sales that you can adapt for your customers and products. With a bit of changing to its use you can convert prospects that you thought were lost, into paying customers.

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There is one really important sales job interview preparation question that you must consider or your whole interview could be a waste of time. Many candidates prepare the wrong information, and present the wrong evidence at interview, because they don't consider this one important question.

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Sales News - A new addition to the Sales Buzz

We look at sales and marketing stories in the news from around the world.

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Could Microsoft's new virtual boy spell the end for call center workers Take a look and consider where his could lead...

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Sales closing technique adapted from an old Direct Sales closing trick.

In the early days of my sales career I sold just about everything you could sell in Direct Sales to the public, and some of the companies I worked for were less than ethical in the closing techniques they used.

Direct Sales was less regulated then and nowhere near as professional as today.

But I do know some of the trick closes, persuasive or even bullying tactics, and manipulating the buyer into agreeing to a sale, still go on today.

These hard sell sales closing techniques were usually found where the aim was for a one-off sale and the salesperson never saw the customer again.

One particular close was used when the sales person had done everything they could to close the sale but still could not get the prospect to say yes.

At this point the salesman would make an excuse to phone their sales manager. They used reasons such as: It’s company procedure, or a health & safety policy so they now I have left the appointment (especially believable if it was a sales woman working in the evening.

A lot of the time it wasn’t the sale manager that was phoned but a colleague, another sales person. The sales manager would build a quick relationship by aligning themselves with the sales prospect and alienating the sales person. That’s an important part of this sales closing technique.

Then the manager would lead the conversation to a sales pitch disguised as a caring customer service conversation.

This technique has great benefits

This sales closing technique has some really great benefits, but you will have to make it more professional and customer friendly.

The benefits of this technique:

  • Increases in the number of prospects converted to customers
  • Converts prospects that otherwise would have been lost
  • Makes spending on marketing and prospect lists more effective
  • It really is good fun and gives you a great buzz when you use it

Now see how you can use this sales closing technique

This technique needs adapting if you are going to use it to best effect, and not upset your customers.

I’ve used it in many different marketplaces and for all sorts of products. If used properly you can make it effective in repeat sales, account management, and of course one off sales.

Learn more about a way to increase your sales with this great Sales closing technique…

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One important sales interview preparation question that you must consider

Applicants turn up for interview and without considering this preparation question they present all the wrong experiences and skills, and get all the interviewers questions wrong.

There are two types of sales roles and if you turn up at an interview having prepared for the wrong one you have no chance of getting the job.

I’ve been interviewing and recruiting sales people for a long time and each time I do there are always a number of candidates that completely blow their chances by not preparing properly.

They have not considered what type of sales job they are applying for and while their answers and experiences are presented well, they are focusing on stuff I’m not looking for.

See how to prepare for your next sales interview and consider the most important interview preparation question…

Sales & Marketing in the news

The latest news round up from around the world.

Microsoft’s virtual boy – Could this be the future of customer services and call centres.

Could a virtual sales and customer services advisor take over from the millions of people employed in call centres.

Microsoft unveiled their virtual boy, Milo, and while it is still pretty basic you can see where this is heading.

Take a look and consider the implications of the many applications this virtual image could have at Microsoft’s virtual boy…

Motivational tips for job seekers – especially important for jobs in sales where showing your motivation at interview is vitally important. Motivational tips for job searchers…

5 Rules for building a $23 Billion company

Jonney Shih, chairman of Taiwan-based PC-maker Asus gives his 5 rules for building a $23 billion company from a start up capital just $300, 000.

See the 5 rules and see if you can adapt them for your business at 5 Rules to build a business.

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Stephen Craine

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