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The Sales Buzz Issue 243 - A Customer Service Idea to Make You Exceptional
October 23, 2014

A Customer Service Idea to Make You Exceptional

Customer service ideas that I learned from a Professional Dog-Walker that you can adapt and use to make your business exceptional.

Imagine you’re sat at your desk at work and you get pictures of your dog, out on a walk with your dog walker, shared with you online.

Or, how about being away from home for a few days and seeing regular updates and pictures from your pet sitter.

What sort of feelings would you get?

You would feel good yes?

Assured that your family pet is being looked after.

Confident that the service you ordered is being fulfilled.

You can then focus on other things that need your attention knowing that this task that you were responsible for organising has been completed and there is nothing more that needs doing.

When a customer feels content and assured they will give you more business. Add that to the rest of the technique I’ll discuss here and your customers will also tell their friends and colleagues about you and that word of mouth advertising will increase your sales.

The Customer Service Technique

The dogs in the picture go on regular walks with a Professional Dog Walker called Cara Taylor who runs her small business, Walk the Dog, in a village called Mossley in Tameside an area in the North West of the UK.

You can see more of her pictures on her Facebook page at: Walk the Dog Mossley...

And if you live in the area and want to contact her about your pets her email address is:

What Cara does is send pictures of the dogs and other pets she takes for walks, or pet-sits, and she shares them with the pet owners. This creates exceptional customer service, from the perspective of her customers, and this led me to thinking how other businesses could use this idea in different ways.

Customer Service Ideas
Make your customers see you as exceptional

As business becomes more competitive giving exceptional customer service is one way of adding value rather than cutting prices to give you an edge in the market place.

By adapting the idea above for your business you could give your customers something your competitors aren’t, and make sure you don’t get left behind if they do it before you.

I’ve put together a full page on:

  • How this technique is being used
  • What the effects are on the customers
  • What the benefits are to businesses

And ideas on how it can be adapted for use in many different ways.

Take a look at the page and see what Ideas you can come up with for your business: Customer Service Ideas...

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