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The Sales Buzz Issue 256 - Cold Calling Sales Appointments Training
January 28, 2015

Cold Calling Sales Appointments Training

When cold calling sales appointments learn how to consciously choose the right words to introduce yourself and make the prospect listen to you.

What do you say on your sales appointment calls now?

Let me start by asking you about the line you use now to tell the prospect who you are.

How do you start the sentence?

Is it, I am...

My name is...

This is...


Or do you use something different every time.

On a sales appointment cold call every word is important.

You don’t have the additional communication channels of body language, and facial expressions, so you need to choose the best words for every line of your call script.

Let me show you this slide from a sales training course I present to my sales teams. This comes from the training section on the Introduction stage of a sales appointment cold call script.

On the slide there are 4 different examples of ways you can announce your name to the buyer.

The remarks next to each one are only my opinions. It’s up to you to try out each one, and any more that you can think of, to find the one that’s right for you, your prospects, and the image that you want to project.

That’s just the few words before you give your name, what about the rest of the call?

The next step is to look at how to how to introduce your company to the prospect when cold calling appointments. Then the most important line of the entire call, the reason you are calling.

There is a full page on the website that gives sales training on the words and phrases you should use, and the order you should use them,at Sales Appointment Cold Call Script...

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