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The Sales Buzz Issue 141 - Always Ask For the Business and Try To Close The Sale
October 09, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

You might think it doesn't need saying but: Always ask for the business and try to close the sale.

Not everyone does, not everyone that thinks they do actually do it, and maybe you should read on just incase...

Always Ask For the Business and Try To Close The Sale

You may think it doesn’t need saying but here goes: You should always ask for the business, order, sale, contract, or agreement.

sales process

There will be times when you think you have said enough to get a response from the prospect, and that what you said is indeed a sales close.

But I’ve seen this many times in sales, and not just with new sales people, they don’t fully ask for the business.

Here are some of the reasons why:

They assume the prospect knows

The sales person assumes that the prospect knows that after a product or service has been presented they are supposed to say whether they want to buy it or not.

It’s like a personal map of the situation in the sellers mind. They see a decision from the prospect as the logical next step after a sales presentation.

They follow this internal map of reality rather than see what’s really going on in the real world right in front of them. Unless the prospect has the same internal map of reality they are not going to give a response when no closing question has been asked. If you don’t ask the question you won’t get an answer.

Some sales people fear rejection

I see it all the time when accompanying or watching sales people at work. They have a nice smooth introduction, ask all the right sales questions to discover the buyer’s needs, and then give a great presentation of benefits that they can offer to meet those needs.

And when they have covered all those needs, they carry on presenting. There may be a slight pause as they wait for the prospect to say: Yes that sounds great where do I sign. But when no yes is forthcoming they continue presenting more and more benefits.

What goes on in their mind is a fear of asking the question. They wait for a yes from the prospect rather than ask the question and get a negative response.

No structure to their sales process

When you see a sales professional at work they have a sales process all mapped out in their mind.

The map changes and adapts as they get feedback and responses from the prospect.

For example: After the prospect has answered the sales questions the seller has a list of needs that they need to cover in their sales presentation.

Mentally they will see a process with a clearly defined next step after the prospect’s needs have been covered.

The next step could be a trial close to test the water or a full closing question.

If a sales person doesn’t have this sales process mapped out internally how do they know what the next step is after the sales presentation and when to take that step and try to close the sale.

If you want to close more sales you need to have a sales process in view in your mind.

You need to know what the stages of a sales process are, and how to know when to end one and move on to the next stage.

Once you have a good, effective sales process you can control the sale and the interaction with the buyer.

Make the sale a pleasurable and relaxed experience for both you and the prospect, because a good sales process is always customer friendly.

There are many other benefits that you and your prospects will feel when you have a professional sales structure. You can see more on creating your own effective sales structure to close more sales at Professional sales training course...

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