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Alternative Close Trap -Updated
December 06, 2021

Alternative Close Sales Trap

The Alternative Close was a sales trap set by sellers to put them in a position to make a hard sell, presumptive close.

This old fashioned sales trick was set up by the seller offering a choice of two alternatives to the prospect.

When the prospect selected one of the alternatives the sales person used this as an excuse to presume they wanted to purchase the selection and went ahead as if the sale was closed.

The act of the prospect selecting a preference was taken as a reason, or an excuse, to push forward and close the sale.

The technique was in widespread use in many markets that became known for dodgy sales practices and unethical selling.

It's a hard sell, now recognised by professional buyers, but still used in some sectors especially when selling to the public, homeowners, or for quick one-off sales such as tourist trinkets.

The Alternative Close Adapted and Brought Up To date

There is now a way to use this old trick in a modern and professional way.

You can add this sale technique to your sales calls and face to face meetings and improve your success rate.

It can be used at any stage of the sale, in any type of sale, it's ethical, and it gives you a great tool to identify what the prospect really wants.

It also gains agreement from the buyer, in a nice way, and helps you close the sale.

See how my teams have adapted this old Alternative Close Trap and created a great sales technique by visiting: Alternative Presentation Technique

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