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Advanced Sales Questioning Techniques
March 01, 2022

Advanced Sales Questioning Techniques

Discover the prospect's hidden drivers and triggers

Advanced sales questioning techniques that will uncover the real needs, wants and desires the prospect has and may not want to admit or may not even know they have.

Add these questioning techniques to the questioning stage of your sales process

  • Read the prospect's reactions when answering.
  • Let their verbal and non-verbal signals guide your questioning.
  • Hit hot triggers that give you information for a sales presentation that will be right on target.
  • See a full page of sales training on advanced sales questioning techniques at:Questioning for Sales

    Go deeper with advanced sales questioning

    Find out what drives the buying decision and the hidden desires and needs that prospects really want.

    Closely watch and read facial expressions, body language, voice tone and their words, and let these signals guide your sales questions to lead you to features and benefits that will trigger them to buy.

    Discover if the reaction of their boss or partner to their purchase is important to them.

    Find out if they are only saying what is expected of them rather than what they really want from your products.

    When selling to more than one buyer, compare their reactions and see who is really making the decisions.

    To make these advanced questioning techniques work, you will need a good, effective sales process to add the techniques to.

    You will see how to get that and how to use the questioning techniques by visiting: Questioning for Sales

    Enjoy Your Selling Success

    Stephen Craine

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