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NLP Motivation for Sales
July 04, 2022

NLP Motivation for Sales

A Fun Technique to Reframe Your Sales Target

NLP motivation for sales is a fun technique to reframe how you view your sales target and boost your drive and resilience.

Using your sales target as an example, learn how to change how you feel about any negatives, resilience drainers, and set backs.

Great for boosting motivation when handling objections.

If you're not familiar with NLP sales motivation techniques this is a nice introduction.

An Exercise to Open Your Sales Mind

How you frame or perceive: situations, activities, actions and interactions, is a key factor in NLP sales motivation.

What you see and say in your internal videos directly affects how you feel and that can boost your motivation and performance or drag you down and weigh heavy on your actions.

In the exercise at: Get Motivated you get to play around with the internal images and videos you make.

The NLP Sales Motivation Exercise is Fun and Whacky

If you haven't done any NLP sales motivation practice before the exercise on the website will be fun and can open new doors to new ways of thinking for sales people.

If you manage a team it's a great ice-breaker, stops people taking themselves too seriously, and can become a regular feature of sales people getting motivated.

Whether it's for yourself or your team, try it out and see where it goes at: Get Motivated...

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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