7 Sales Tips

by Alam
(Long Island, ny)

7 Sales Tips from Alam in Long Island NY.Simple, easy to use, and practical, as all sales training should be.

1. Listen to your customer and let the customer talk first when trying to find out the customer needs

2. Always keep in mind to be honest, sincere and very friendly.

3. Never ask customer, 'Are they ready to buy today.'
Instead ask yourself,'Why the customer is not going to buy today?'

4. As a sales rep you must remember that you can't apply the same selling techniques with everyone.But stay with the basic formula.

5. Treat all customer right and with respect, whether they are buying or not buying.

6. Never think that you know better than others.

7. Always keep and touch with your desk manager.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Thank you Alam for 7 Practical sales tips that are worth considering.

Most sales people have a number of tips, sometimes rules, that they follow. So what's yours. What tips or rules do you follow and adhere to as you go about selling everyday. Click on the comment link below and share...

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