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Good Advice
by: Stephen


Thank you for your comment.

I think it is really good advice to let the customer feel comfortable and avoid direct questions until the relationship between you and the customer is built.

Best wishes for your future success.


Senior Sales associates
by: Alam

I and my brother- in -law are working in one of the nation's leading Honda companies, in long island.

My brother -in- law has been working there about 20 years in the same company, and is as one of the top salesmen in the nation. He does about 1000 unit and more every year.

"Honda call him a selling machine"

When I got hired by my company about 7 years ago they decided to take me on as a pre-owned certified sales re.

I did multiple times over 30 pre owned units a month and average 300 plus cars a year.

But I have a very thick accent, and I have no idea why people are buying from me.

I realize " sales is nothing, but it is everything."

Before you do any process try to build a good relation within a few moments.

Let the customer feel comfortable about you and and your place. Be honest and very friendly, and never ask any direct questions to the customer. "Always trying to sell yourself before you sell any product"

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