Work at Home Mothers Start a Small Business

Work at home mothers can build a real small business and earn money online in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

Work at home Moms anywhere in the world can start a small business and still have:

  • Being there when they need you most
  • Seeing your children grow up
  • Financial success and security
  • A stimulating career
  • No childcare fees

Join the work at home Mums that start a small business online, and work around what’s most important to you, your family.

You can join the growing number of work at home Moms and earn money online. This is home based work that other work at home Mothers around the world have grown into a full time income.

How to start a small business working from home

Follow this simple process and you can start a small business online and have the freedom to work to your own deadlines and your timescales.

1. Choose you niche market

You find a profitable niche market for a subject that you thoroughly enjoy and know about.

...I’ll show you later where you can get some great help that will make it really easy to find your profitable niche topic for your website. In the meantime give it some unconscious thought while you read this page..

Do some research on your chosen subject and see if it will be profitable and if the numbers stack up. You want to know if your chosen market will attract visitors, compete with businesses already online, and most important – That it will make money online for you.

SBI! Action Guide

You’re going to invest a lot of time and energy in the early days of building your work at home Mothers online small business.

Make sure you have a small business plan and have a proven business strategy.

Only then will you have the faith to keep investing your time until the money starts to come in.

Take a look at an example of an action guide for starting a small business and joining the many work at home mothers.

It takes you through a successful business strategy that has been proven by many others. Click the image or open Work at Home Action Guide in a new window.

This is the free step by step guide from Site Build It, the company I used to build this website.

2. Build a website and get it online

Once you have an idea about the topic of your business you next find a way to get your small business online.

Don’t worry about not having any website skills or Internet training. I’m a working sales manager, have only average computer experience and I managed to build this website and turn it into a part time business. As long as you use a good company that supplies all the tools a beginner, like me, needs you can do it.

There are many work at home mothers that have started successful businesses but had no previous business or web building experience. Take a look at some examples of ordinary people that started a small online business.

The Video comes, like the Action Guide, from Site Build It. After much online research I chose Site Build It (SBI) to get my business idea online.

I chose SBI because they were reasonably priced, included all the tools I needed to build my website, and there package means beginners like me with no web building experience can start an online business.

Whoever you choose to put your website on line make sure they offer a service that beginners can use, have no hidden charges after you have signed up, and they show you everything for free before you make a decision.

To help you decide here’s some more information about why work at home Mums have chosen SBI.

3. Add great website content

You write interesting and knowledgeable content to attract visitors to your niche market website. Visitors don’t just come.

If you choose a subject for your business that you are passionate about you will have no trouble writing great content. Many work at home Mothers had never written content before and that hasn't stoped them being successful.

...More on choosing the topic of your online small business later..

People search the Internet for information not sales pitches. If you didn’t look at the Action Guide earlier take a look now. You’ll see how adding great content to your site comes before making money.

Work at home Mothers have a wealth of life experience and knowledge that people are searching for online. You build your website to attract these visitors to your pages. By following the Action guide you have a step by step program to start a small business and bring visitors to your site.

Remember it’s the clearly presented content people are looking for. Not fancy graphics and flashing colors. They are looking for information that is well presented and if you follow the action Guide that is what you will build.

Then, when you have traffic to your website, you can start monetizing these visitors.

4. You make money

The biggest mistake people trying to start a small business online make is:

They try and make money before they have enough visitors.

Why do you think products sell on ebay?

It’s because of the number of visitors that come to the site. Many people think they can sell goods online by writing a few pages and adding a few pictures and customers will be clicking their credit card details through.

That’s not going to happen. And that’s why many people fail when they try and earn money online. You have to build traffic first and then monetize that traffic.

You can sell e goods – hard goods – information – a service – or affiliate adverts

You can even get paid just for your visitors clicking from your website to other seller’s pages. You can sell goods internationally or focus on local customers. The opportunities for work at home Mothers are endless.

Here’s an example of how I make money online:

I have worked in sales as a sales manager and trainer. On the sales training pages of this site I have built visitor traffic by following the Solo Build It Action Guide.

Once the visitor numbers got to a good level I started to monetize and added items for sale.

Using my work experience I have written several training courses. These are not great big technical manuals. They are simple sales training courses that present the same type of information I present at work every day. I offer them as eBooks so they can be downloaded.

...I had no idea how to do that before I started building this website..

Now when the visitors to my sales pages like the free information on the pages they can buy a sales training course. The free content pages give me credibility and lets visitors see what I have to offer them.

...I now know how to add buy now buttons and use Pay Pal to process my sales..

What I really enjoy is when someone buys an eBook I don’t have to do anything. I get an email from Pay Pal saying money has gone into my account. The payment and download process is automatic and can happen while I’m sleeping.

On some of the other pages on this site you’ll see sponsored adds from Google. When a visitor clicks on one of these adds I get a small payment. Again I don’t have to be online or do anything once the page is built.

Think how this can help work at home Mothers. You can set up a similar system for all types of businesses and work around your other commitments. You build the page and it works for you 24 hours a day, around the world.

So how do you join work at home Mothers

You start your work at home moms small business with 2 key actions.

First you choose your niche market, your topic and focus for your business. You don’t need to get too specific about this. Solo Build It has some great tools to refine your ideas and make them profitable.

Remember, the best topic for your website is one that you are passionate about. What’s the subject that once you start talking about it you can go on for hours? Is there something that others often ask your opinion about?

Solo Build It! Order Page

The second action is to choose the company you are going to use to put your website online.

You’ve already seen what Solo Build It offers, and why I chose Solo Build It to build this website.

Now take a look at their order page and read the no risk money back guarantee.

You can open the Solo Build It no risk guarantee and order information or click the image above.

Talk to a real person

If you have any questions or concerns about joining the many work at home Mothers around the world you can speak to a real person from Solo Build It, by email or telephone, before you buy.

That’s how up front and open I have found Solo Build It to be. They are based in Canada. I live in the UK, and most of my customers come from Europe and North America. This is an international business and you can be a work at home Mum and be part of it.

To ask your question leave work at home Mothers and open the Solo Build It question page.

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