Small Business Start Up Idea for Sales People

Small business start up idea is for sales people that are looking for a way to earn money online using the skills, experience, and knowledge they use everyday working for someone else.

If you work in a sales role think about what you have:

  • You know how to present and sell
  • Pricing and profit knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Business experience
  • Ambition and drive

Use what you have for yourself

The small business start up ideas and the opportunities to earn money online are endless.

Below is a selection of ideas and links to more free information to get you started with an online or offline business.

With all the topics below your sales experience and skills will be of great value and will contribute to your success. Remember, what you do every day in your sales role you can use for yourself and gain from it.

...Let me give you one piece of advice that I used when I was at the same stage you are:

Look at the information. Make a decision on what you are going to do. Take action.

Earn money online

On this page you can follow the same 4 step plan that I used to get this website online.

There is a simple plan to follow, examples you can copy, and links to some of the companies I use to make money onlne. You'll see where to find companies to help you. Idease for monetizing your online business, and how to make money while you sleep.

If you have sales or customer experience you can make good use of it with this advice. If you are a good talker, or have a subject that you are passionate about, then read how you can turn it into a regular supply of cash.

You may have doubts about starting an online business. You could be put off by costs, or not know which website host to use to get you started. Read earn money online and see how easy it all is.

Make money online

Make money online with the free Netwriting Masters Course that shows you the power of words and the winning formula for Internet selling.

This free course on writing to sell gives you the secrets to writing content, using keywords, and getting vivtors to take teh actions that will give you a profit.

Get your free copy and lots more information at Make money online...

Start a small business online

Start a small business online will show you how to use your passions, hobbies, and life and work experiences, for starting an internet business. You can find a small business start up idea using the things in life you are passionate about. Your hobbies, family experiences, sports, and favourite subjects and interest.

Many people follow these steps to become debt free or achieve certain lifestyle goals. If you already work in sales you will have a head start. As a sales person I found communication and business experience a great help.

Open Start a small business online and see the resources I discovered online to help me build this website.

Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

For some this is the best small business to start and earn money online. Very low start up cost as there is no stock to buy. You can use your sales intelligence to choose which companies you affiliate yourself to. And there is a way to start affiliate marketing with no risk.

The basics are: You set up a website, attract visitors with your web content about a subject you are passionate about. Then you provide links to other sites. The visitor completes an action, in some cases just clicking through to the other sites, and you get paid a commission.

You can get more free information on this small business start up idea for sales people at Affiliate Marketing - Best small business to start online.

Work at home mothers

The Internet is the ideal small business start up idea for mothers that want to work at home. You can earn money online working the hours that suit you, and be there when you are needed most by your family.

WAHM’s (work at home mothers) around the world are setting up businesses online and enjoying the perfect lifestyle balance.

None of these small business start up ideas are get rich quick schemes. They all take time as all proper businesses do to build. But when you become a parent what better motivation to take that step towards a second income or financial independence.

Learn more about the growing possibilities for working at home by opening Work at home mothers.

Get paid for providing information online

Earn money online from what you know about your work, hobbies, interest, or experiences. Publish your knowledge and follow the action guide to build a theme-based content site that generates an income stream... then another. Keep adding relevant revenue models until you have a stable, diversified and highly profitable Web-based, infopreneurial business.

This is another small business start up idea with a very low set up cost. No stock, nothing to buy apart from getting online and if you follow the link you’ll find, like I did, how easy that is.

The fun part is that you will be starting a small business based on your passion and pastimes, and using your sales and communication skills for your benefit and gain. Open Get paid for providing information online and learn more.

Sell E-Goods online

Writing, marketing, and selling, e goods is a great choice for sales people looking to start their own online business.

Picture the possibilities: Training programmes Instruction books Travel guides Recipes

You can write on any subject and you don’t need to be an expert to teach a beginner. Your E-Book information can be on a subject related to your work, family, hobby, or experiences.

People search the Internet for information. If you can supply that information you can earn money online. Move to Sell E-Goods online and see how you can use your sales experience to start a small business.

Want someone to build your website for you

Let specially trained business website experts build your website for you. Your website can target sales lead generation, sales, information, or any of the other online business models you see here.

This is a great idea for those people that want an online business but haven’t got the time to build their own website. Take a look at what you can have and consider this option for starting your business by opening Have your website built for you.

Sales people make excellent business owners

Small business start up ideas, to earn money online, are great for people with any kind of sales or sales and marketing experience.

You can use your field sales, retail sales, or direct sales knowledge to start your own small business. Put your telesales or marketing experience to work for you. If you’ve had any type of management position then add your ideas to any of the above business plans.

When I started this website business I had average computer skills, no web or Internet experience, but I did have my experience and skills from my sales career.

I found writing on subjects I knew was easy. We often take our communication skills for granted. When you start your own online business you will see how much of an advantage your sales background will be.

Solo Build It!

The company I used to get this website online is called Solo Build It.

I spent a lot of time researching the possible ways to start an online business.

I chose Solo Build It (SBI) and you can see the results a non technical sales person, like me, can achieve by looking at my website.

I know it works because you have arrived here while looking for information on the Internet.

And that is one of the things a website has to do to be successful, attract visitors.

Using SBI you can do the same.

For more information on SBI click the image and open SBI business start up information. Click around their site and see the possibilities for a sales person like you to start their own online business.

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