Earn Money Online

Earn money online with this simple 4 step plan to start your own small business.

Looking for a way to change your lifestyle

Want to earn more money

In debt and need additional income

Want to start a part time business with potential

What you need

Make use of your work and life experience. Great for sales people, good talkers, and anyone with a passion about any subject.

If you’ve worked in sales, or a have dealt with customers, you can use your sales skills to create a second income.

If you can talk about any subject, have a skill, can write about it, show others, you could be on your way to starting a small business online.

If you have a passion. Something that you feel very strongly about, or something you love to do, you can start a small online business about your passion.

Why people like you start
an online business

There are lots of reasons why people look for ways to earn money online. They fall into 2 categories:

1. To move away from something negative

Depending on a salary
No money left after paying rising bills
Not having the lifestyle they thought they would by now

2. To move towards something positive

Financial independence
Satisfaction of running a small business
Having money left over to spend or invest
Being able to live the lifestyle they want for themselves and their family

The real benefits

There is a long list of other benefits that I’ve experienced, and seen others get the satisfaction of, when they earn money online. They are the feelings that you get from achieving something positive for yourself.

It builds your self esteem. Your confidence grows.

You get a chance to make your own decisions, which doesn’t always happen at work.

Starting a small business to earn money online gives you hope and goals for the future.

You feel financially confident because you are creating your own wealth.

You finally have a plan to get what you want.

The 4 step plan that I followed

I followed a simple 4 step plan and now earn money online. You can now follow the same plan and start an online business that will give you an additional income stream.

The 4 step plan

  • Choose a subject you are passionate about
  • See how you can make money from it
  • Start a website to promote your money making idea
  • That’s the easy part..and it’s very low cost... read on and I’ll show you how I did it..

  • Put your business plan into action

Step 1. Choose your subject

Choose some subjects that you are passionate about, can talk about, or have some knowledge or experience of.

The subjects can be about absolutely anything. Work or family related, a hobby or pastime, sport, craft, or vacations and holidays. Careers and study make good topics.

Consider topics on helping people, caring, overcoming or dealing with a particular problem. Addictions, family issues, therapy, care and support groups, charities.

How about shopping

Films and entertainment

Eating out, cooking, health, beauty

Product reviews or technical information

Local information or history

DIY, gardening, investments or insurance... The list is endless.

The import thing is: You have a passion for your subject.

My passion is sales and motivation training. Those are the topics I chose at this stage of the 4 step plan to earn money online.

I used my work experience to earn money online but you can use whatever subject you like. If you click around my sales training website you’ll see I just talk about my subject and share what I know.

Step 2. Can you make money from your chosen subjects

You can earn money online from just about any subject you choose.

It all depends upon how you approach it. There’s more on making 100% certainty you can make money later, for now here’s a quick example of how easy it is.

One company I use to make money online with my website is called Shareasale.

They have a list of over 2,000 companies that want to pay you for sending customers and prospects to them.

You write about the subject or product online and add a link that Shareasale give you that sends your readers to the sellers website.

You get paid for prospects taking certain actions such as buying, signing up, and in some cases just for clicking through to the site.

To see how you can earn money online with your chosen subjects open shareasale.com Read the brief message in the AFFILIATE box and click the button labelled PREVIEW MERCHANTS.

Here you’ll see a list of subjects and links to more information on the companies that will pay you for sending customers to them. If you’re serious about making money sign up to shareasale.com and get your account opened. It’s free and will be ready when you need it.

There are lots of other ways you can make money online and Shareasale is just one example.

An example of making money using Shareasale

I sell a sales training course on my website. It’s a CD that uses subliminal messaging. I have tried and tested the product and written about it online.

On the page are several links that I got from the Shareasale site that send customers from my page to the company that market the training CD’s. When a customer clicks through form my site and buys the CD I earn a commission payment. You can see how it all looks and works, and how I earn money online on my Subliminal Messages affiliate page.

The great thing about earning money online in this way is:
You don’t have to be logged onto make the money.

You can be at work, asleep, at your day job, or out enjoying yourself. Once you have put the page online it carries on making money for you.

Yes you have to set up a website, choose your subject and how you will make money from it, but every time you write a page it is making money and needs little attention.

You can have as many pages as you like and make money in many different ways. Some of my pages offer only information to visitors and have a few Google ads on the page. Every time a visitor clicks the ads I get paid. I don’t have to be logged on and the pages just carry on earning money online.

Step 3. Choose the best way for you to open a website

There are thousands of website hosting companies available. You could trawl through all their advertising and marketing information, as I did, and compare all the benefits. Or, you could look at the one I chose to get my website online.

After weeks of reading reviews, comparing prices and services, looking at the free tools and information you get with the deal, I chose Solo Build It to get my online business started.

It’s worked for me and I was a complete beginner. No web building experience and very average computer skills. And I was able to build for myself the Sales Training Sales Tips website and now earn money online.

With the SBI package you can build and edit the website yourself which means you’re not paying someone every time you want a page adding or changing.

Another great benefit is the tools that you get with the package. Remember earlier we talked about being certain you can make money from your subject. Well SBI gives you all the tools you need to test the popularity and monetization figures for your ideas.

You also get a complete step by step action guide on how to build your online business, and a money back guarantee. So you can see why I chose Solo Build It to put my business idea online.

Step 4. Take action now or you will miss out

Some years ago I got to this stage of the 4 step plan to earn money online.

But I didn’t take the final step and I put off ordering Solo Build It and getting started on my online business.

I told myself I would think about it and do it later.

Things got in the way, I kept promising to do it now, but never got around to it.

Two years later I got the motivation to click on Solo Build It again and get the money making process started.

I wasted two years. That’s two years I could have been building my online business. Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time but it works. That two years I missed by not taking action now could have been bringing in a second income and earning money online for me.

I now spend a few hours each week on my website as well as working in a full time job. I used to waste time in the evenings watching television. Watching television will not get me the lifestyle I want.

Now I have a website that makes me money while I’m at work, sleeping, and out having fun. And you have the chance to earn money online just as I have.

Start by ordering Solo Build It and see where it leads.

Be honest, if you don’t do it today are you really going to come back and do it later, or are you going to miss this chance to start your own online business.

Solo Build It!

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