Deep interest in sales management

by Quecu

I am a HND holder in statistics and computing. I have an interest in the sales management programme and would be grateful if you can teach me to become a sales manager.

Comment from Stephen Craine.

Sales Management is a great way to earn a living and a natural progression for good sales people.

There are 3 parts to being a sales manager:

1. As a manager you will be providing reports, measuring results, and completing the admin related to your team and the company.

2. You have to be able to manage your team and motivate them. Keeping them selling well but also within company and legal guidelines.

3. As well as being successful in sales you have to be able to teach and train sales techniques to your team.

No 1, Providing reports: This is something that is different in every company and you will get instruction from your company and your line manager.

No 2, Motivating and managing: Next year there will be a range of courses available on the website so keep coming back and watch out for them.

No 3, You have to be able to train your team how to sell: This I can help you with right now.

No matter how good you are at selling you have to be able to put how you sell in a structured presentation so that you can train your team.

Sometimes good sales people don't know how they do what they do, it just comes naturally. This makes it difficult to train people who are not doing well.

many sales managers use he courses from this website. It is what I use to train my sales teams.

I would suggest you become a really great trainer by studying and using these courses, then next year when the motivator and manager courses come out you will be ready to use them as well.

You can see the complete sales trainer package of our 4 courses at Sales Training Courses...

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