As a Salesperson How Would You Answer This...

Here's an interesting test for all sales people to have a go at.

It was sent into us by one of our regular visitors and I can't wait to see some of the answers.

So here's the question

The buyer says: You can ask me only one question.

As a professional salesperson what is THE ONE Question that you will ask the buyer?

Think about it and give us your best answer by clicking the comments link below.

Comments for As a Salesperson How Would You Answer This...

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One Sales Question I would Ask
by: T C Daniels (ca)

There's one sales question that has always worked for me when selling automobiles. Yes there is lots of other information that you need to win the sale, but try this one:

What do you want it to do for you?

Many customers are surprised by the question becaus they haven't though about a car in this way before.

Car sales people: Live long and prosper

The one sales question
by: Suzy GT

My one question would be:

What do I have to do to for you to choose my company for this contract?

The buyer says: You can ask me only one question
by: grahamt

If I could only ask the one question:

Is there anyone else apart from yourself who will be involved in the decision making?

The one big sales question
by: Carlo P

The sales question I would ask if I only could ask the one, would be:

What would make you decide to buy my product?

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