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The Sales Buzz Issue 129 -Vertical Response Email Marketing Service Free Trial
July 03, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Get a free trial of the Vertical Response email marketing service, test out all its features, and send 100 marketing emails completely free of charge....

Vertical Response Email Marketing Service Free Trial

The Vertical Response email marketing service is offering a free trial so you can see what the service can do for you.

I use Vertical Response to send out my newsletters for the website affiliate program.

The biggest benefit Iíve found is that I only pay for the emails that I send.

Thereís no monthly fee or service charge, itís simple Pay as You go charging.

This was a great help when I started the Affiliate Program because I started with a mailing list of less than 10 people for the program newsletter.

Imagine how much money I would have wasted if I had paid out for a subscription newsletter email service while I built up the mailing list.

I also took advantage of the free trial offer so I sent my first emails totally free of charge. I didnít even have to enter any payments details while I tried out the service.

Hereís what I liked about the service

You only pay for what you use.

No monthly fee or service charge.

Creating your newsletter or email is simple and quick even for the inexperienced, like me.

You get full support 24/7, detailed reports on opened emails, and click through information.

List management tools so you can have as many lists as you want.

A choice of over 700 email newsletter templates to use.

And today you can get a free trial and send out your first 100 emails free of charge. That means you can test the service and see the reports and list management tools in action.

This is a great service for anyone who is trying to build up a mailing list for their newsletter. With the Vertical Response tools, such as the opt in box which I use on my website, I have increased the mailing list every month and built a successful Affiliate Program.

I already have a newsletter mail out for my website, (youíre reading it now) and what I wanted was a separate method for contacting people that sell my sales courses on their websites.

Now I have exactly what I wanted and if I want to create a new marketing list for another affiliate program, an electronic magazine with sales offers, or an information newsletter to increase website visitors, I have the right tools to do just that.

If you want to add or build a marketing list, send out cost effective marketing emails, and make money online, take the free trial at Vertical Response. .

The pricing structure makes this an easy decision

It currently cost me 1.5Ę per emailed newsletter that I send out. Thatís about 1p in British Pounds Sterling. If you send larger numbers of newsletters you can get prices as low as .75Ę each. No additional charges, no monthly fees, a great way to build up a mailing list of subscribers to your newsletter.

If you need to send unlimited emails, newsletters, or electronic magazines, to your customers or prospects you can do this for as little as $8.50.

The email service is available worldwide and they have other services such as postcard marketing that is available in the USA.

I was so impressed with the Vertical Response marketing service that I still use it exclusively for the Affiliate Program Newsletter.

You can start your free trial today and send out your first email newsletter at Vertical Response.

To see the related page on the website open Vertical Response.

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