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The Sales Buzz Issue 258 - Trial Closing Lines for Sales and Appointment Making
February 10, 2015

Trial Closing Lines for Sales and Appointment Making

Close more sales by learning how to use a trial closing line to test for commitment and objections before asking for a Sales Appointment or an order.

You use a trial close to test whether a prospect is ready to buy, or ready to agree to a sales appointment.

The technique works because you ask a question without really asking the question you have asked.

I know it's confusing, but stick with it I'l explain...

The question will look different from your viewpoint and the prospects viewpoint.

What I mean is:

You want to ask the prospect for their agreement in such a way that if they say, ‘No,’ you get a chance to have another go at influencing them to say, ‘Yes.’

This effective sales technique allows you to ask for a sale or a sales appointment, and if the answer is Yes, you go ahead and book the appointment or the sale.

If the answer is No, you overcome whatever objections are in the way and have another attempt at closing.

How Do You Create a Trial Closing Line?

Don’t ask directly for what you want

If you ask directly for the appointment or the sale and the prospect says no it’s difficult to recover from that negative situation.

Get the prospect into a buying or agreeing state

You want the prospect to be ready to agree with you, in a buying or agreeing state.

To do this you should use your sales skills to get them on an emotional high and into a position where they can see the logic of agreeing with you.

List the variables connected with what you want

Make a list of the connected variables that can be used in your trial closing lines.

Creating a Closing Line For a Sale

In a sales situation a trial close is similar to an assumptive or alternative close but not as strong. An assumptive close can be as strong as:Shall I wrap that for you.

An alternative can be as direct as: Which do you want the red one or the blue one.

If the buyer says no, or I haven’t said I want either, again you are going to struggle to gat another attempt at closing.

A trial close, in a sales situation, needs to be gentle.

It needs to be a question that will give a you either a positive answer to a sale, or a no to something other than a sale.

Examples of Working Trial Closing Lines

Here are some examples but you will have to create the ones specific for your products or services.

These examples would normally be used just after your sales presentation.

Example from a service sale

We always like to invite our clients to come to our factory to sign the contract so that they can take a tour of our facilities, is that something you would like me to arrange?

A product sale

Just based on what I’ve told you so far how does our product match what you want it to do?

Retail sales

If you’ve made up your mind on that style are you ready to choose a color?

I hope the above has given you plenty of ideas to add to your presentation stage and the closing stages of your sale.

Using trial closing lines when making sales appointments is different but follows the same principles. I've written a full page of free sales training on closing for appointments at Gaining Agreement to Sales Appointments...

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