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The Sales Buzz Issue 292 - The Long Tail Product Features
October 29, 2015

The Long Tail Product Features

The Long Tail Product Features are the unusual sales features that your products or services have that you take for granted because each of them are only of interest to a small number of prospects.

They are the things your products and services can do that maybe you haven't thought about before.

Probably because they are only of interest to a few of your prospects who have particular needs.

When learning about your products you won't have covered everything, all the minute details of every feature and the benefits they can supply.

So your prospects could mention a small but important requirement that passes you by as you haven't connected the features of your products and that particular need.

If you can fulfil an unusual or very specific need that a buyer has you can close sales easily.

Most sales people learn the main features of their product and the benefits they provide to the customer.

But with more sales training on discovering the smaller and more obscure features, each of which may only be of benefit to a few potential customers, you can have a ready-made advantage to use in your sales presentations.

Add all these potential customers together and they could outnumber your prospects with needs for your main features. Here's why ...continue reading...

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