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The Sales Buzz Issue 288 - Telemarketing Outbound Calls - Staying Motivated
October 01, 2015

Telemarketing Outbound Calls - Staying Motivated

How many telemarketing outbound calls can you make before you start to sink down into your chair and feel bored or tired?

You use the same opening script a few times.

You get some rejection, and prospects not available.

You feel comfortable in your seat and your mind can drift away from what you're doing.

At this point I see people start to physically and mentally move downwards.

They either slouch for ward and support their head on their hand, or they sink backwards into their chair and recline.

Mentally they have dropped away from being at the top of their game, in the zone, or a fully motivated state.

When you're in this state, whatever term you may use to describe it, you have full access to all your resources.

You can quickly use your skills and experience to resond to the twists and turns your telemarketing outbound calls take.

But as you continue to make the calls you move further away from this heightened state and your responses and interaction with the prospects is not as good as it can be.

Your Motivational State can be Heard

The prospects can hear your motivational state in your voice.

When you make the first call and you're fully motivated and focused on your goal of closing a telesale or achieving a sales appointment your voice is vibrant and full of energy.

When the state drops you may sound bored or tired, and prospects pick this up.

Often this is how we know an incoming call is from a call centre. The caller sounds like they have already made hundreds of telemarketing calls that day.

Make Your Telemarketing Outbound Calls Vibrant

If the above happens to you it can quickly be fixed

If you start making your appointment setting or telesales calls and after a few calls you feel your motivation dropping, your posture starts to sink, and you feel bored, there are two techniques you can use to keep your energy levels up and your calls sounding vibrant, let me explain...

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