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The Sales Buzz Issue 286 - Salespeople Don't Ask Why
September 10, 2015

Salespeople Don't Ask Why

Salespeople don't ask why when they're questioning prospects or trying to overcome objections because it will just give them more reasons not to change.

A lot of your time and focus is spent trying to change people.

You want to change prospect's actions so they buy your products.

You want to change their viewpoints so they see a need for your services.

You want to change their beliefs so they think differently about the future.

If you manage a sales team changing people is how you get a change in your team's results.

If you manage a dept you will be constantly managing and implementing changes.

So let me give you a great piece of advice that was given to me many years ago and which I have adapted for every role I have had since.

When you want to change someone and influence them to do, act, see, or think differently; Don't ask Why!

Why Salespeople Don't Ask Why

Salespeople don't ask why because it works against the changes they are trying to get others to make.

Imagine I ask you to stand up while you read this newsletter, and you say no. I then ask, why won't you stand up? You then answer with a reason why you won't stand up.

You have supported your original decision with a reason not to take action, not to change your position. That now makes it even harder to influence you to make the change.

You have also created another problem for me and my attempt to get you to change.

If you stand up now you are going against the reason you gave not to stand. You would have to agree, consciously or sub-consciously, that you were wrong, and you would be admitting to me that you were wrong.

Even when prospects finally see that you are right they often won't agree to buy from you because they don't want to look incongruous.

Why justifies the current position. The more a prospect tells you why they do what they do now the more difficult it will be to get them to change. That's why sales people don't ask why.

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