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The Sales Buzz Issue 314 - Sales Training on Observation to Read Your Prospects
April 28, 2016

Sales Training on Observation to Read Your Prospects

Sales training on observation techniques that will show you non-verbal messages that even they don’t know they are showing you.

As you talk to your prospects you actively listen to what they tell you.

You hear their voice tones and how they accentuate some words to give emphasis.

And as you do all this you note the order that they give you the information about their needs, wants, and desires.

The order of the information that the prospect gives you is also the order of importance of that information to them.

If you ask an open question about what they are looking for, from your product or service, the prospect will answer with their most important needs first and the rest of what they want will be in order of importance also.

If you listen to this information, the order it is given to you, and the tone and body language used as they communicate, they are showing you exactly how to present your sales proposal back to them.

They are telling you what is important, what is uppermost in their mind, and how they want to receive the presentation back from you.

Sales Training on Observation: What You Should Look For

What you are looking for when you watch people talk is how they place information around them, how they organise their thoughts and topics spatially.

This will show you how to organise your information when making your sales presentation.

For example, have you ever seen a prospect grasping one finger at a time with the opposite hand as they tell you the main points they are looking for from your products?

It is as if they are attaching a benefit that they want to each finger, or counting out the benefits as they speak. They may actually use numbers as in, ‘Firstly I want...., secondly..., thirdly..., and so on.

This is how they organise their information and if you use the same gestures and speech timing as you present back to them they will find it really easy to take in the information you are communicating. This is sales training on observation in action.

Another Example

Some sales prospects place their thoughts on the desk as they speak.

This can be by placing their hand in certain spots on the desk, as if the desk is a map of their mind, or they chop the desk with the side of their hand as if sectioning off each chunk of information they give you.

Again you can use this map that they are showing you to organise your presentation back to them.

This sales training really works to build clear communication between you and your sales prospects. In fact, these sales techniques work well in all face to face communication whether at work or in your personal life. You can see more sales training on observation at sales scripts

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