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The Sales Buzz Issue 309 - Sales Questions Technique Makes Fact Finding Easy
March 17, 2016

Sales Questions Technique Makes Fact Finding Easy

A sales questions technique that makes fact finding a lot easier and more effective by using a proven process to get all the information you need to give a great presentation and close the sale.

When you ask your prospects need finding questions you can get yourself in a real confused mess.

You try to get them talking with open questions.

You want to keep them talking but you need to get specific detail.

The conversation meanders off track, what should you ask next?

And while you're thinking about all the above you are trying to put the information they're giving you into some kind of order so you can use it to create your sales presentation.

I can understand why some sales people don't get all the information they need...

A Sales Questions Technique with a Process to Get All the Answers

I've put together a sales questions technique for the sales teams I manage and train and they've proven it works.

Here's an overview with a link further down for free sales training on how to use it to best effect.

1. Start with a sales question that gets your prospect talking.

Not the open questions you may be currently using...

2. Use open questions to keep the conversation going.

3. Specific open questions to get more detail.

4. Alternative questions for precise information.

5. Closed questions to confirm you understand their needs.

At the end you've got information, gathered and noted in a structured way, and the prospect has told you exactly what you need to present to them to close the sale.

Want to see how to use this sales questions technique, and learn what easy type of question is and what it will do for you? See free sales training at Questioning Techniques...

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