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The Sales Buzz Issue 218 - Sales Prospect List Actions
January 16, 2014

Sales Prospect List Actions

It’s the start of the year and time for some sales prospect list actions to make that list of potential customers, that will support you through the first half of the year, a list you can rely on.

Your prospect list is where your sales will come from.

It’s where your money will come from.

And it’s your key to success or failure depending on how well you manage it.

If your prospect file is full of stuff you can’t close or cold unqualified leads then you are not going to hit target with what you have.

That means it’s time to take action.

The start of the year is a really good time to look at your list with some brutal truth and get an honest picture of what the first few months will hold for you with the current prospects you have.

Here are the questions I ask my sales teams when we are reviewing their prospects:

1. As you look at each potential customer ask yourself, how long has it been on my list of potential sales? If it hasn’t closed in the past what has now changed that makes you think it will close in the coming months?

If you have prospects on your list that have been hanging around for months are they just falsely inflating the numbers, are you really going to close them?

2. Have you qualified each prospect? Have they a need for the products and services that you sell? Have they the means to buy them, are they tied into a contract, and are you speaking the decision maker. This question gets rid of the unqualified cold leads that many people keep just in case something changes.

3. So you have cleared out the rubbish and you are now looking at what’s left. To review your list and get it ready for the year it’s now time to honestly place each prospect on the sales stages process so you know exactly what your next action should be.

Next to each prospect indicate where you are in the selling process with this potential customer. Not sure what the sales process is and how you know where you are? You should do, as a sales professional the sales process is the most important sales training you will ever receive. Become an expert on the selling process and the stages of a sale with free training online at Sales Proces…

The above 3 actions will tidy up your list, get rid of the deadwood that artificially inflates your prospect file, and get you ready for the New Year with a realistic idea of what you have to work on. Good luck for 2014.

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