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The Sales Buzz Issue 306 - Sales Negotiation in the Buyer's Internal World
February 25, 2016

Sales Negotiation in the Buyer's Internal World

Sales negotiation techniques that work in the real external world and on the buyer's internal map of reality.

There are two places where negotiation takes place.

The external real physical world.

And the buyer's internal world.

This is where their thoughts and beliefs influence their decision making process.

I know, it sounds deep, but stick with it the sales negotiation techniques are worth trying out.

Negotiating in the real world includes actions such as making concessions in return for something back as you try to close the sale, or conditional selling where you agree to an action on condition you move forward in the sales process.

The buyer’s internal world is where you work to change their viewpoints and perceptions to move closer to a sale and overcome obstacles they have in their world, such as opinions and beliefs, to close the deal.

When you work in both worlds you have a powerful sales negotiation tool.

Sales Negotiation - A Simple Example

The objective of any sales negotiation is for you and the buyer to see the sale from the same viewpoint, through the same frame, in both the external real world and the buyer's internal world.

Negotiating in the External World

A simple example of negotiating to a similar viewpoint in the real world is when negotiating on price.

They may raise the objection that your price is higher than they want to pay.

If you drop your price slightly you have moved closer to where there frame in the external world. They may then move their view on price up slightly and you come to a common view and the sale is closed. This is using external world sales negotiating techniques.

Sales Negotiation in the Buyer's Internal World

In the same situation as above you might stick to your original sales price but build the perceived value of your product.

This changes the viewpoint the buyer has on the price of the product.

The customer has moved closer to your position because of this changed frame through which they view the product.

If you can move their viewpoint close enough to yours you will close the sale, even though nothing has changed in the real, physical world.

Nothing has happened in the external world. It’s the same product at the same price.

This is sales negotiation techniques for the internal world.

And note, sales negotiation in the real world usually costs you money or time, you usually have to give a concession. Changing viewpoints in the buyer's internal world can often have no costs attached.

Learn More Negotiating Skills

This is just one very quick example presented simply to explain the technique.

Real situations can be more complex and need a number of negotiating skills in both the real external world and on the buyer's internal map of reality.

You can see more techniques and more detailed training, all free, on Sales Negotiating...

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