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The Sales Buzz Issue 305 - Sales Approach - Have You Got One
February 17, 2016

Sales Approach
Have You Got One

Your sales approach, how you frame what you will do for your customers, have you consciously thought about it, doing so could increase your results.

As a young salesman I would go on sales courses and the trainers would say:

Sell a dream to your prospects.

Meet your customer's needs with your benefits.

Solve a problem for the buyer.

Each one of these requires a different approach to your sales process.

The reason for meeting a prospect, that you give in the Introduction Stage, the types of Sales Questions that you ask, and the Presentation of what you can offer, will all be framed and worded differently depending upon whether you see the sale as solving a problem, meeting needs, or creating a dream.

Thinking About My Sales Approach

As I moved from job to job, as many of us do when we start in sales, I never really thought about the frame and approach I was using.

I just did my thing and sold the products and services available.

Each course, in-house or open, that I attended would talk about one of the 3 frames used to approach the sale.

I would then tend to use that one until the next course or career move.

As I progressed, gained experience, learnt more sales techniques, and improved my skills, I started to think about my approach to a sale and the frame I used.

I made conscious decisions about how I would word what I was going to do for my customers.

I worked on my sale scripts, not word for word scripts but a process using sales stages, and I built in my approach of problem solving, meeting needs, or building a dream, for the prospects I met with.

To see more on creating your own sales scripts using a selling process and stages click the image above or go to the pages on the website on the Sales Process

Deciding on a Sales Approach Improved My Results

The action worked and my results improved.

I also noticed that my sales meetings with prospects went a lot smoother, they had consistency and purpose. I had a theme from the Introduction Stage, through the Questioning and Presentation Stages, and into the Sales Closing Stage,and this led to a more confident performance when selling and that led to better results.

A positive circle of improvement.

Give It a Try

Take a few minutes to contemplate what it is that you do for your customer.

What you do may not easily fit into one of the 3 categories above, but you will still be able to identify what you do and build that frame into your sales process.

When you're done start building the new approach into your sales process, you can get some good ideas at

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