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The Sales Buzz Issue 321 - Prospects Don't Jump
July 07, 2016

Prospects Don't Jump

Sales prospects don't jump, they move forward by taking small steps.

If you try to make them jump forward they will back away from you, sometimes they run away from you, and your sale is lost.

Has This Happened to You?

Have you been in a meeting with a sales prospect and thought the sale was going well.

And then, just as you start to close the sale, the prospect has suddenly changed and the rapport and relationship you thought you had are gone?

Why It Happens

As you tried to close you asked them to jump forward too far to the next stage of the sale. when up to that point you had moved them along in small steps.

The step from your Introduction Stage to asking Sales Questions was probably a small one. I doubt you asked for too much commitment or agreement from them.

The step from the Questioning Stage to Presenting a Sales offer was probably an easy step. Not much for them to do, just take a step and listen to what you say.

But then you started to close.

They saw a massive gap from where you were in the sales process to where you wanted them to move to, and sales prospects don't jump.

You wanted to discuss buying, or signing contracts. You wanted commitment and decision making from them.

And rather than take that big leap forward they gave you lots of excuses why they couldn't agree to a sale as they ran back down the metaphoric path.

What You Can Do to Close the Gap

To close the gap, you can move the earlier stages closer to where you close the sale.

To do this you gain more commitment and agreement from the buyer in the earlier stages.

For example, you could gain agreement to an agenda in the Introduction Stage.

That agenda could include telling the customer that after you have presented your sales offer you will ask if they would like to buy from you.

Obviously you do this in your own words and appropriate to the conversation you're having.

To see free sales training on how to word your Introduction, and start gaining more agreement from the start of a sales meeting, go to the Sales Introduction Training.

Pay special attention to the section on adding an agenda to your Introduction Stage.

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