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The Sales Buzz Issue 296 Prepare for Cold Calling Success
November 26, 2015

Prepare for Cold Calling Success

5 Telemarketing Tips to Boost Your Results

Do you prepare for cold calling success, or do you just start making appointment or telesales calls and hope for the best?

By taking these 5 simple actions to get the most out of a telemarketing session sales people, telesales callers, and appointment setters, can all boost their results or cut the time spent on the phone.

These 5 quick tips on preparing to make your cold calls are being used by professionals in a wide range of roles and markets.

Give them a try you're going to make the calls anyway.

They take only minutes to put into action and who knows how much you could gain?

1 Let’s start with where you make the calls

If you can, take yourself away to a quiet office where you won’t be disturbed. Obviously if you have a set work station that may not be possible.

Ensure there are no incoming calls, no interruptions, put any other phones on silent. No playing Candy Crush or checking status updates.

If you are serious about being successful and gaining the rewards then you are giving your full attention to making calls for an agreed period of time.

2 Set yourself a timescale

Agree with yourself a set amount of your time that you will invest in your future and spend on this cold calling session.

By setting a time period you can now focus all your attention on your telemarketing calls and any other task or actions can wait until after the agreed time is done.

3 Prepare for cold calling success - Have your call list ready

When I'm coaching sales people and appointment setters it really irritates me when they haven't got a prepared list of prospects ready to phone.

Are they really going to make the best use of their time if after a couple of call backs they have to go looking for leads to phone?

Even if you work full time on telemarketing and your leads are supplied for you, or you use a CRM or auto-dialler system, prepare for cold calling success by getting everything you will need for the next session ready in advance. Call backs, enquiries, referrals, should all be at hand and then you have no excuse to move from your seat and pass the coffee machine.

4 How many calls should you make?

How many calls can you make before you get bored?

At what point does your mind start wondering and you start making excuses to leave your desk?

First it will be a cup of coffee, or you need something from the car. On the way you pass a colleague and have a chat. Before you know it the day has gone and you haven’t made a sale or gained enough appointments to fill a day let alone a sales month.

Make 10 calls and then have a 5 minute break.

That’s 10 contacts with decision makers, not just 10 outgoing calls to voicemails. 10 worth while conversations.

Pace yourself like you would at the gym or on your early morning run. Do enough to make a difference but not too much so you're blown out half way through the day.

When you come back after a break fire yourself up and get the most you can from your next 10 calls.

5 Set yourself a target

Set yourself a target, you’re a sales professional you work great when you’re motivated to achieve a goal.

Work out your target of how many sales appointments or telesales you need to make in each cold calling session to achieve your targets and go for it.

Preparing for cold calling success with these 5 basic tips will focus you on what you want to achieve, boost your results, motivate you to make the calls, and add a structure to your calling time.

These are just the basics, a place to start. You can see the more advanced training that I use with appointment setters and telesales callers, plus a unique way of testing how effective your calls are, at Cold Calling Tips...

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