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The Sales Buzz Issue 315 - Use Open Questions Effectively to Close Sales
May 05, 2016

Use Open Questions Effectively to Close Sales

Open sales questions: If you just use the traditional open questions, as presented by many sales trainers, then you're missing out on great techniques that can help you to close more sales.

Open questions are usually said to be anything that starts with:

who, what, where, when, or how.

But there is a lot more than that for sales professionals to know.

The more information you can get from your prospects, the more effective your sales presentation will be.

To get that information you need good questioning skills to be able to gain specific knowledge about what the prospect wants, what they do now, what they want to do, and their goals and objectives related to what you sell.

Even when selling the smallest, most day to day, products and services the more you know, and the more specific that information is the more sales you will close.

Open Sales Questions

Move from Open to Specific

Here is a technique that you can use to start each line of questioning the needs, wants, and desires of your prospects.

1. Start each line of questioning with an open question that gets the prospect talking.

These are wide open questions that start with a phrase that will encourage even the lowest responder to start a conversation with you. Examples of what these questions start with:

Tell me about...

Describe for me...

Give me a picture of...

There are many more, but you get the idea. You want to ask a question that requires a sentence to answer.

2. Use Traditional Open Questions

To keep the conversation going, and to nudge it in the right direction, use open questions that start with, who, what where, etc. This will also start to get information that is a little more specific. Examples:

What else can you tell me about…

Where would you…

How would you...

3. Now use specific Open Sales Questions

You’ve got them talking with a wide open question, then you’ve encouraged more detail with an open question, and now you want more specific detail. Specific open questions ask for detailed information but still promote a conversational open style of answer. Examples:

When does this...

How many...

Who will...

You’ve started with a wide open question that encourages your customer to talk and gives them a lot of scope to choose how they answer.

Then you've given a bit more direction to the conversation with an open question.

And now you are asking more specific open questions to give you more specific information that you can question directly. See more on gathering this valuable information at Sales Questioning Techniques

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