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The Sales Buzz Issue 313 - Objections to Your Close
April 21, 2016

Objections to Your Close

A 4 Step Process to
Deal With Them

Objections to your close that come up just as you think you have gained the sale can be successfully dealt with using a 4 Step Process already proven to work.

You succesfully move through the stages of the sales process.

You've questioned the buyer's needs, wants, and desires.

You've given a great sales presentation of your offer based on the buyer's responses to your questions.

And you've overcome the objections, concerns, and obstacles that have been raised.

Now you move to a trial close or, if you're feeling confident, a real closing line, and the buyer hits you with an objection that's really more of a request for more value to be added to your sales offer.

These small, niggling, wants can be asking for a free delivery, a greater discount, cheaper finance, or many other small wants that are small enough for you to consider so that you close the sale, but big enough to eat into your profit or cause a problem getting your manager to agree to it.

The objection when closing could also be a small concern about the product or service. 'Will it do what I want it to do,' or, 'How long is the guarantee?'

What to do When You Get Objections to Your Close

How should you handle objections to your close?

Do you just give them the small additional benefit and then try to close the sale again?

Or do you put your foot down and say no?

Here's another option.

A 4 Step Process for dealing with those objections that come up as you try to close the sale. The sales teams I've managed and trained have used this technique and proved it works in real selling situations. Take a look and see what you think, could you use it in your sales role? See more at Sales Negotiation Techniques...

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