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The Sales Buzz Issue 290 - Objections are Real or False - It Makes a Difference
October 16, 2015

Objections are Real or False
It Makes a Difference

Objections are real or false, can you tell, have you thought about it, you should because it makes a big difference to how you should deal with them.

If you don't distinguish between real and false sales objections it will have a big impact on how successful you are and how many sales you close.

Objections are Real or False
Smoke Screen or Genuine

Sales objections can be smoke screens to hide the real reasons a prospect won't or can't buy from you.

Or, they can be genuine concerns that prospects have about you, your company, or the products and services that you sell.

If an objection is a smoke screen you can't overcome it or get around it.

This is because you are not dealing with the real objection.

For example: A prospect says they are not interested or too busy.

Or they are not looking to buy, or they can't afford to buy anything right now.

Think about the objections in the example above:

Not interested

Not interested at the early stages is a smoke screen, you haven't given them enough information yet.

If it comes later in the sales process is 'Not interested' a genuine objection? There will be another reason such as not seeing benefits, or they are not the real decision maker.

Too busy

We're all busy, it's unusual to find anyone that isn't.

But is this a genuine reason for not listening to you. It probably means you haven't made what you're saying more interesting or important than what they could be doing.

Can't afford to buy

How many products have you bought at a time when you really couldn't afford it, or when you had money for budgeted something else?

I do it all the time. Once I see benefits I come up with reasons why I should buy and somehow I find the money.

Look at how many people on low incomes buy lottery tickets? They find the money because they imagine potential benefits.

Two ways to Handle Sales Objections

Real Objections

There is a simple 4 step processes to overcome sales objections.

You start by defining the objections and in my training sessions the next stage is making sure you have all the objections before you start trying to overcome them.

That way you don't end up giving your best objection response only to be hit with another objection. You can see more on the 4 step process at Overcoming real objections...

Smoke Screen Objections

If an objection isn't real you can't overcome it or get around it.

You have to define what the real objection is, and an advanced technique that many sales people are not aware of is locating where the objection lies.

Is it in the real world, a genuine concern over a physical feature of your product. Or, does it exist only in the mind of the prospect. This could be belief they have about you, your company or your products and services.

It could be based on false beliefs, wrong information, or their feelings and emotions. To define objections, and where they are, see more on the website at Identifying smoke screen objections...

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