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The Sales Buzz Issue 58-New Year resolutions and goal setting for sales people
January 05, 2010

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How to get the habits of successful goal setting

New year resolutions, goal setting, self development books and CDs, why do most people still not achieve the lifestyle they desire.

You would think with all this help around everyone would be earning what they wanted, have the life they wanted, and be great at what they do.

There is one simple mistake that I've seen both my prvate clients and my sales teams make that stop them achieving their goals and objectives. See if you're making the same mistake by scrolling down to Successful habits of achieving goals...

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Successful Habits of Achieving Goals

As we start 2010 what have you decided what you are going to change this year?

Do you feel people are pushing you into setting big targets for yourself?

At this time of year many people go on about goal setting.

New Year resolutions, and telling you to give up stuff that you enjoy.

Sales managers insist on their staff setting new personal sales targets.

Directors ask managers what big objectives they are going to set themselves.

At social gatherings people appear obsessed with when you are going to stop this or that, or lose the excess pounds you gained over the holiday.

What if you don’t want to?

What if you find life tough enough without setting yourself some big objective for the year?

There is almost an obsession with setting targets that are really going to stretch people, not just their ability but their resources as well. Have you really got the time to add the actions required to achieve these goals to your daily workload?

So let’s take a serious look at what you would like to happen in 2010...

...Doesn’t the word LIKE sound so much nicer than resolution, objective, or target..

..And how to set goals that you will benefit from and enjoy achieving without feeling under pressure or stressed.

How to set a nice goal for yourself

When you first learned to walk did you stand up and run around, jump over the furniture, and attempt back flips with a perfect landing?

No, you strung two or three steps together, and then you felt so good about your achievement that you were motivated to get up and aim for 4 or 5 successive steps.

These small goals and achievements gave you the habits of success.

If as a child you decided to one day get up and start walking perfectly you would have set yourself up to fail. It would have been too big a step, literally. You would have been over-faced by the challenge and soon de-motivated yourself.

Get the habits of success

Set yourself a nice little goal to change something within a set time period. It has to be something worthwhile, something that will benefit you, and something you really want.

And it also has to be achievable.

Too many people get put off personal development because they set goals that are far too big for beginners. I meet them all the time as part of my work. They tell me how they bought the latest personal development program, or a book by a famous motivator, and how they failed to become a millionaire.

In any other part of our lives we start out small and learn the basic habits of success. We learn to ride a tricycle, move to a bicycle with supporting stabilizers, and then when we have the habits of success we can ride freely.

Imagine giving a young child a bicycle that was too big, with no help or support, and saying, there you go, set yourself a goal to ride it.

A couple of nasty falls and they soon believe they will never learn to ride.

How about at work?

A new sales person starts in your office. Do you expect them to hit target in their first month. Or do you want to see small successful steps, with a steady progression towards an achievable goal, in a realistic time scale.

Get the habits of success by setting achievable goals

To set yourself a goal that will not only benefit you but give you the habits and motivation to go on and achieve bigger and better goals, ask yourself 3 questions.

1. What do you want to achieve?

It can be a simple change to your life style.
A reasonable increase in earnings.
The first step towards something bigger.

2. When do you want to achieve it by?

Set a timescale that is achievable but will stretch you and your resources slightly.
Don’t make things too difficult for yourself.
Small goals can usually be achieved faster and give you the reward and motivation to set some more.

3. Why do you want to achieve it?

What will achieving this goal do for you.
If the goal is an increase in earnings what will you do with the money.
The more emotional and positive you make this the more motivating it will be.

One final action to make the process work

Write down your answers to the 3 questions above. Write them somewhere you will see them every day.

..Mine are tucked into my sun visor in my car...

You want a quick reminder each day of this small change you want in your life. Writing down your goals gives them life. It connects them to you. It’s the difference between a dream and a real goal that you have taken the time to write out.

Now let’s make it happen

The above process is a great way of learning habits of successful goal setting. I’ve used it many times with private clients that want to improve their lifestyle, and with the sales teams I train and manage.

Setting goals and achieving them is a great skill and it’s valued by many people and organisations.

Don’t believe me?

Then why is it so often asked in job interviews?

It’s a standard question that is phrased in many different ways. The interviewer wants to know what your goals are, and what goals you have achieved in the past. It can be phrased as, where do you see yourself in 2 years time. Or, what are your greatest achievements.

Make no mistake, employers value people with the habits of successful goal setting and achievement. Whether you’re a manager helping others set goals, or you want changes in your own life, start today and add this valuable skill to your life tools.

Now let’s take some actions

You’ve set your goal, you have a time scale, and you have a really motivational reason to achieve your goal.

You know it isn’t going to happen on its own. You have to take the actions that will make it happen. With a nice goal that isn’t too stretching it’s easy to come up with a list of actions that could work.

And the important phrase there is - Could Work

Not every action you take will work. Some will work better than others. The key is to try an action, monitor results, and keep what works and change what doesn’t.

Again these are habits that you will build up and strengthen the more goals you achieve. This is why you should start with simple goals that stretch you slightly.

Add some motivation

Once you get the habits of setting goals and taking actions you’ll soon want to add motivation to your skills.

Imagine being able to set goals that you can achieve within a time scale, and having the motivation to look forward to taking more actions towards your goals every day.

Having that motivated attitude can put a different perspective on getting up in a morning.

It becomes a loop:

Set goal – Take actions – Achieve goal – Set new goal...and on it goes.

Constant small achievements that improve your life style. Each achievement gives you more motivation. The more motivation the more goals you achieve. With success comes a new viewpoint. You see more opportunities and you have the success habits to take advantage of them.

Motivation becomes more important as your goals stretch you more. If you want help with motivation and understanding why we take actions, what makes people motivated, and how to motivate sales people, Leave New Year resolutions for sales people and open Motivation Information.

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