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The Sales Buzz Issue 299 - Key Selling Points You Might Already Have
December 17, 2015

Key Selling Points You Might Already Have

Key selling points are rare these days so if you have them you can gain a big advantage on your sales competition.

Many sales people, small businesses, and even large organizations have some key sales points, and they don’t always realize it.

When you can offer a key or major benefit to a prospect that your competitors can’t then you can:

close more sales,

generate more interest,

gain more referrals.

And use it as a reason for cold calling.

Key Selling Points used to be called Unique Selling Points but it’s extremely rare these days to have a feature and related benefit that is actually unique, so they are now called key or major.

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes that didn’t realize they had something to offer that many of their competitors didn’t.

Sometimes the key benefit isn’t a feature of the product itself. It can be a feature of the way the product or service is supplied. Here’s an example:

Example of Key Sales Point

I’ve booked a long stay at an apartment in Spain next year. It will be part vacation part working and the company I’ve booked it with contacted me this morning and tried to sell me travel insurance.

One of the people going has existing medical conditions, nothing too serious but it's always best to include it on the insurance just in case.

The sales girl put me on hold and when she came back gave me a quote that didn’t cover existing conditions and went on to use an assumptive closing technique to gain the sale.

I stopped her and made it clear I wanted a price including the existing conditions. She said they don’t cover existing conditions and I politely ended the call.

So this large international company has a weakness, and that means...

Others Have an Advantage – Are They Aware of It?

I’ve searched the Internet and a lot of the larger organizations have the same weakness, a weakness that can be exploited.

There are other companies that give quotes covering existing medical conditions. But are these companies aware that this is a key selling point, a major benefit that gives them an advantage over their competitors, and that people like me are looking for these benefits.

Well looking at their marketing I doubt it. Few highlight this feature of their service, which makes me believe they are not aware of the value of the benefits they offer.

When I spoke with their sales people and got quotes for the exact product I was looking for they didn’t make a big deal out of it. They didn’t use this major sales point to close the sale, or to raise my perception of the value of the product or their organization. They were unaware of the sales advantage they had.

Have You Got Any Key Selling Points You're Not Using?

Now take 10 minutes, get a coffee, go somewhere quiet, and consider your company, your products and services, and the way you supply them.

Ask yourself questions about each one and the benefits you offer compared to your competitors.

What key selling points do you have, what advantages have you got that you haven’t previously thought about.

Talk to Your Sales and Marketing People

If you’re a manager, or you own your own business, get your sales and marketing people together.

Have a meeting based on all the features and benefits that you offer and compare each one to your competitors.

Look at any you find that you supply but few of your competitors offer.

Are these key selling points?

How many of your potential customers will want these benefits?

Should you be marketing these key benefits and should sales people, and telesales teams, be using the to close sales?

If you find a key sales point and can see the benefit of using it, you’ll want to build it into your sales scripts. To see free sales training on creating sales scripts go to Sales Process

To use your new found key selling points on your telemarketing calls go to Appointment Setting

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